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Signups for Werewolf game open


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Sign ups for the new forum's first Werewolf game are now open!  For more information, check out the main topic in the Human Village, or right here.  Suggestions for other themes are also welcome.  If you're interested, just ask to join in this thread or PM me and I'll add you to the list.

Current Roster


Lord Kyouko

Flandre Romano Kaiba

Moriya Sukowa




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Start date is going to be this weekend, the 21st.  I'll need everyone who signed up to confirm with a PM so I can assign roles, but more people can always sign up until the start.

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Nothing yet, since I still don't have enough confirmations to start.  So far we're at 4/6 minimum, but one of those I'm missing is Jmonkey and I can find him at least.  If anyone knows a way to contact Flandre Romano Kaiba or Thunder outside of the forum, please let me know.

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Alright, setup has begun.  The wolves will need to check their inboxes, everyone else is good to go.  Tomorrow I'll open the discussion thread, everyone needs to vote on someone to execute by Tuesday, so there's a 3 day window.  At the end of that, whoever's got the most votes gets the axe.

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