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Touhou Music Lyrics/Content

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From all the doujin circles and groups, there's a bunch of touhou music with vocals. From those, do any circles or even songs in particular stand out to you in terms of their lyrics and content? 

For me, RD sounds and their "嘘と慟哭(Lies and Lamentations)" song stands out a good bit. And their recent "Song of Corpse" as well.  
Shibayanrecords has some neat ones as well.

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Diao Ye Zong:
Nokosareta Namae, Toori Kazoe Uta 
竹薮の中 <<阿礼乙女に問われたる花屋の物語>>
竹薮の中 <<蓬莱人に問われたる白兎の証言/白澤の独白>>
竹薮の中 <<  人の慟哭>>

Butaotome - Utakata

Yonder Voice :
Silent Refrain
Shrine Maiden Forever
Heavenly Carnation (fun fact: in Zyon, the name is Heavenly Carnation. in the wiki album page, the name is Sinking into the Night Sky. in the lyric page, the name is Bouquet of the Starry Sky)

N+ - len~錬~


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