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So basically this thread is exactly what the title says.


Reimu wears red

Marisa's in black

She wore blue for a bit

But then she changed back


Btw you can use whatever form of poem you like

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This sounds pretty cool. Let’s see...

Mokou is red.

Shion is blue.

Jo’on is greedy.

Reimu is too.

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Yacchie is otter

Saki is eagle

Screw all the other

Yuyuko big eater

(It rhymes but didn't make sense lol)

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This thread seems dead but lemme try...

Seija turns the screen
Flandre's a smol bean
If Reimu doesn't get in Smash
Sakurai's gonna get bashed

(Doesn't make sense but it's hard to come up with rhymes)

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Satori's a mind reader

So she never forgets to refill the birdfeeder

Koishi needs a reminder

So their bird can treat her kinder




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