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Touhou 7 constantly scrolling up [Fixed]

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I just got PCB. Whenever I start the game, it's as if the up arrow key is constantly being held down. Pressing down pauses it for a second, then it goes back to scrolling up. This only happens with th07 (thpatch-en).exe; the japanese version behaves as normal. I've tried reinstalling the game, restarting my computer, and getting the enbconvertor thing, with no luck. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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try to re-patch the game your self in thcrap

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How do I do that?

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Posted (edited)

Are you using desktop computer or laptop?
If is desktop computer, this may sound dumb but try unplug the keyboard, and start the game by double-clicking with the mouse. If the game runs normally, it may be your keyboard is broken.

If the problem persist.
(both desktop computer and laptop) try making a backup of "score.dat" and "th07.cfg", and then delete these files from the main folder.
try again.
if doesn't work, try closing other programs that might be running in background.

still nothing?
1) Make a clean copy of TH07, (copy "th07.dat", "th07.exe", "custom.exe" and "Thbgm.dat" into a new folder.)
2) download thcrap
3) Unzip the files in a short path (for example, C:\Touhou\)
also copy the clean copy of TH07 there.

For example:
for thcrap "C:\Touhou\thcrap_brliron\
and for TH07 "C:\Touhou\Touhou\Touhou 07 - Perfect Cherry Blossom"

4) go to the directory \thcrap_brliron and run thcrap_configure.exe
The program will guide you through the language configuration.


Press Enter


Scroll up and search for your desired language, in this case will be English. Enter the number in the box and press enter.


If you want to add another language or modification just type the number in the box.
If you are fine just press enter.


Press enter.


Again, press enter.


The program will ask you for your game directory.


Type "1"


Select "yes"


Wait for the program to complete the download.


And that is it.


Edited by -Prismriver-

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I tried your first set of suggestions, then again after making a clean copy of TH07 with thcrap added; still broken.

I'm wondering if this is just a problem with Moriya's latest version of TH07, as it was most recently updated about 2 weeks ago. Is there a place I can download older versions?

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It works! Many thanks, friends

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