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What achievement are you most proud of?


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I guess my lunatic 1cc with MM in 9 would probably be my highest achievement. I think beating 15 in point device mode normal for the first time or even the first normal 1cc I ever got (PCB) might be the proudest I actually felt at beating a game though. Seriously, looking back now normal PCB might not seem that bad compared to many of the other Touhou games but for someone starting out with hardly any experience in bullet hells it took a ton of time and dedication to get to the point of even being able to do that at all.

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FdF2 Hard mode 1cc

SA Normal 1cc

Hidden Star Extra Clear

Almost 1ccing EoSD on hard (had no lives or bombs so died on remilia's first spell card)

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       sanae > marisa > reisen > youmu > tewi > komachi > reimu

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