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Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I've been a big fan of Touhou and been playing the games since 2013. 
I started with Touhou 6: EOSD and worked my way up.
I've played tons of the fangames and listened to tons of the soundtracks and remixes/covers over the course of my time.

Aside from Touhou, I'm also a big fan of JRPGs and Survival Horror games.

I'm hoping to try and be somewhat active in Forums or Discord as I'm kind of nervous speaking online.
If anyone wants to show me something new or teach me new strategies please do. I love learning new stuff about Touhou.

Where I'm from I'm probably the only person who likes Touhou so hopefully I'll make some good friends here.

Thanks for having me ❤️

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Hello, nice to meet you too.  I'm GundamFan15 and I love geek Media of all kind from Star Wars, Eva, Gundam, Marvel to Sailor Moon, Disney, Nintendoand Lego. I really don't hate any show or person, if I don't like something like Fortnight, I respect those who do and see all the good it has. I only hate people heat other people because of gender, family, love choses and look as I believe in everyone's dreams and hope the best for them, a Theory I call "The greeter good" or "Heroes Path"

 I got into Touhou last year playing bust battles on Switch. Don't worry about speaking online here. Everyone is super friendly. Much like you, this is my first time talking to others online using a form site and I have only been a member for less than a month. I am sure you can teach me and the others new things in Touhou games and they will always like it. If you want. You can join my forum aod talk about if Reimu could be in Super Smash Bros. it's super fun and relaxing and I love to here your thoughts on it.

Remember Have fun and I wish you a fantastic time at the Moriy Shrine?

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