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Hello to Everyone

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I am a huge fan of geek media such as Star wars (all eras), Marvel, DC, Nintendo, Warhammer 40k, ETA. I am huge into mecha and giant robots (Gundam, Evangelion, Transformers, Mazinger Z, ETC) and but I also am into Touhou quite a lot too. I got into Touhou game and lore by the game Touhou bust battles on Switch ( which is getting a lot of Touhou support by the way), but I was into the art and music years ago (I hope to star a comic company and one of my comic character is inspired by Flandre, mostly the wings). Favorite mecha pilot is Shinji Ikari and favorit robot/mecha is ether RX-78-2 GUNDAM or Optimus prime.

I am very optimistic and hope the best in everyone.

PS: I own a forum on the site taking about if Reimu could get into Smash Bros one day, so feel free to join. its called 'Reimu in Super Smash Bro ultimate'.


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