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Dammaku game development proposal

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Hello. I am developing a dammaku shooter in a japanese setting, called "Maiden Deity: The Dragonfly's Dreams", similar to Touhou, thus why I am making an announcement here. I'm looking for programmers and sprites\interface\backgrounds\etc. artists. Please read documents belove if you are interested. I will be grateful If you will advise me other forums or Discord servers to make such an announcement. Thank you.
Belove are:
  1. Sketch of the 1st stage boss, Shaggygaicho, wings will be removed
  2. Close to the final version art of the 2nd stage boss, Lady Yvetta Mizushi, there will be number of changes, especially about tail

First sketch of Shaggygaicho, resized.jpg

First art of Lady Yvetta, resized.jpg

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I can't speak for everyone here, but as a programmer/self-anointed game designer I've a few concerns on the docs themselves that I can go into in PM's/with your approval to get into some legalese/gray area/uncomfortable topics.

Biggest concern though is that you've got a concept for a game, but no specifications on what the project is going to be structured around (that I could find in the second document with the specifications on levels and collaborator tasks). Specifically I'd like to know what systems I'm going to need to use to create the game before going in. Is this project going to use Unreal? Unity? Custom Engine that the programmer needs to make? Modifying a touhou game? Etc. I would not leave this up to the individual developers to decide as file formats, workflows, and workloads can vary drastically between engine platforms, so even just picking one at random can create a much more concrete and manageable problem than a vague goal. Plus if you specify a platform and lose a developer their work is potentially salvageable by the next dev so long as they both understand the tool set.

(Also I'm not sure but I think your listed labels might be backwards, the "general concept without spoilers" url took me to the more in depth document that had spoiler tags.)

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