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Mmmm, so this topic comes from an old forum idea that is probably still present but buried underneath some topic that I'm too lazy to find. So as the topic states, I'm talking about how you guys would design a game based upon which games you found interesting and would like to incorporate within the dream game that you would like to make. I'm going to be basing it off of Touhou, as the forum discussion was based off of, I think, Touhou and gacha games in the first place with the general disdain for the gameplay (e.g., LW and the failure of Danmaku Kagura in the mobile space).

Game Design Part :PatchyTired:

What's the genre? :OkuuShock:

As the previous one was about turn-based Touhou and dynamic gameplay, from what I remembered, I'm going to try and come up with something different. (TBH, it's like trying to turn "cog webs" into this.) Alright, out of the left corner, there is the Touhou civilization game. Yes, I know, this kind of sounds weird, and it indeed is, and I'm going to torture myself trying to fit pieces of Touhou stuff into something akin to a civ game.


Normal gameplay
, you thought this was normal Civ? No, it's me, Danmaku. In this game, capturing things is based on Danmaku fights and gathering faith.

Units and Leaders Your units will have a certain amount of danmaku power and will work off of first-strike advantages (if you know about advance wars); these will make up most of your forces against opponents. While regular units are your stock and will work out as their own attack and capture units, commander units and captain units are going to be your knives slicing through butter.
They can smash most units, such as the various infantry fairies,
 fluffs, cats, Yukkuris, etc., and provide buffs depending on which CO/captain units you produce. As they are special, you must invest some faith in them to upgrade them into a bigger threat for the enemy, as a later mechanic will explain. You start with a choice of your CO from a faction that is very basic and can't do much except capture faith sites, pester enemy units from capturing your stuff, and build stuff that provides either vision or barriers. Maybe some traps, defenses, or special buildings specific to your faction or CO.

Map layout Maps are randomly generated but are designated with special structures that you can capture for either natural faith gain or very special powers that can be used once (e.g., faction-based buffs such as the human village providing buffs to your unit movement, health, or Danmaku if placed on top that last for a couple of turns or used as a short but high faith gain that exhausts after a couple of turns). Each map for multiplayer is balanced, but has their own parts of Gensokyo that they must use to their advantage (e.g., Youkai mountains/mountains providing ranged units +2 or +1 range) only countered by barrier units who get less damaged by ranged danmaku or fast units that can evade shots but do little damage. Buildings Capitol/Faction HQ It's your main base of operations; your CO unit starts here. It can produce standard units and, most importantly, captain units. Also, the main upgrade point Shrines Your main source of faith, nuff said Altars Produces basic units Barrier Blocks vision and units from passing through (only affects enemies, but some COs can see through barriers) Tower shoots danmaku at enemies and provides vision; it has variations depending on how much faith you spend Special Buildings Something that is explained with the COs and factions

Danmaku time What if you thought this was just civ but Touhou themed? NAH. We are going to have a bit of danmaku in our fighting between commanders and leaders. Like actual danmaku and not move onto a unit to kill them. When you are attacking a CO unit, both units go into Shmup mode and have to fend off, damage, or destroy each other. Danmaku is based on how many upgrades your CO/captain unit has and can provide advantages during danmaku mode, such as activating spell cards against the attacker or defender. Commanders or captains defeated must wait a certain period of time and must be revived using faith.
Game-winning condition Enemy commanders or captains must move onto your headquarters and enter an actual bullet hell stage.  From there, it doesn't matter where the enemies CO are; they are now acting as the end-stage boss once you get past the buildup of Danmaku forces. Attacking commanders and captains must overcome the boss through danmaku and their own upgrades and skills. Defending HQ COs must play spell cards and create dynamic bullet fields in order to whittle down the attacker's health pieces. This kind of condition can promote turtling, so as a preventative measure, each incursion and attack on the enemy HQ boss that fails but does damage does permanent damage to the boss and incurs a faith loss for the defending CO depending on how much health the boss has lost. (This health can be regained, but only through high faith, so this also doesn't promote a quick rush to HQs, though it would be a death march to fight an upgraded enemy faction.)

Choosing Your Commanders and Faction 


A faction that is very normal‚ÄĒwell,¬†maybe if you count the inhuman powers they have. (Starting Faction - very basic.)
Reimu Hakurei
Starting items
: Gohei (Melee), Ofudas (Range) 
Passive: Natural power: She gains +1 danmaku, +1 speed, and +1 range for herself when on shrines. lasts for two turns in which you perform actions. (Has a three-turn cooldown.)
Upgrades: Yin-Yang orb DMG+, Bigger rod DMG+ , exorcism needles Ranged DMG+, ETC.)
Marisa Kirisame
Starting items
: Broom (Melee), Mini-Hakkero (Ranged) 
Passive: Magician's Might!: Gains +1 speed permanently; can use potions to buff speed even more; lasts one turn; stores 1 potion at start. restocked on altars, HQs, or a Apothecary. MAX storage of 3.
Starting potions: 3x Speed (+1)
Special building: Apothecary: Restocks potions +1/+2 each turn on it depending on upgrades. It also heals Marisa for 1 for each turn spent on it. Can only be built once per game. 
Upgrades: Strength potions: Unlocks Strength Potions that provide +1 to DMG to Melee/range and +1 to range, Ironwood broom DMG+, Hakkero furnace Ranged DMG+, Bounty of the forest (Apothecary restocks +1 potion and adds +2 storage to potions storage, ETC+.
Humans are mostly the starting faction. Leaders for them are very few, as they promote more simple gameplay with commanders as the starting point. e.g. Aunn

Scarlet Devils :RemiPout:

A faction based around building up your defenses and focusing on upgrading your CO and leaders The buildup of power is more focused on targeting HQs and focused pushes. Normal units are built less.
HQ special
: Scarlet protection: every allied unit within adjacent tiles of the HQ gain +1 DMG and +1 DEF

Remilia Scarlet, Commander focused on wrecking havoc on weak normal units and blitzing defenses.
Starting items
: Vampire claws (Melee), Blood shot (ranged) 
Passive: Fate: Gains +1 luck on danmaku rolls against normal units; has a sort of perception of danmaku being played during fights between herself and enemy captains or COs.
Upgrades: Gungnir Ranged DMG+, Scarlet Bats DMG+, Vampire's Kiss (Passive: life steals on kill), Red Moon (Super), which costs faith to play. For three turns, it makes the moon red, enhancing Remi's powers. +2 Ranged/Melee DMG, +2 Movement, +1 DEF). Fear the night and protect your squishy units when this happens.
Flandre Scarlet, A very devastating commander that focuses on a murder bar Has a very high skill ceiling in order to perform high-power moves. Very aggressive gameplay. It's not advised to engage her when her rage meter is near max. (visible by darker auras and murder eyes).
Starting items
: Vampire Claws(melee), Lævateinn(ranged, rage item)
Passive: Burning Rage: Has a 5-bar rage bar, which is used to perform certain powerful moves. Her rage charges by one when defeating enemies. Rage dissipates by one turn or is consumed by actions. every bar provides a 0.50 Ranged/Melee DMG+ buff
Upgrades: Held Emotion (+3 bars to rage bar, making it 0/8), Starbow break (Adds active ability that uses 2 rage) Acts as a longer ranged artillery that does some damage with a little bit of splash, Rampage mode (Active that burns bar by two but provides a +2 to R/MDMG and +1 to movement), Forbidden Barrage: Annihilation (Burn 7 rage bars in order to deal massive amounts of damage in a 3-range space pretty much demolishes any unit unfortunate enough to not be in cover and survive to the point of "close to death") Flan is put into cooldown mode after these two turns.
Sakuya Izayoi Scouting captain, moves fast and can teleport. low damage at game start. Has unique trapping abilities
Starting item
: knives (M+R DMG)
Passive: Time and space maid: Can teleport by three tiles without hinderance to movement spent on terrain. This effect can be recharged in two turns. Upgrades: Sharp knives M+R DMG, Knife trap (places a hidden trap at Izayoi's feet, when stepped on by an enemy unit, Damage them and stun them for one turn)
Patchouli Knowledge Slow captain focused on protecting and shutting down offenses and ranged combat. Can produce unique elemental defenses when upgraded. needs to be protected if you don't want her to be mukyuued.
Starting item
: Knowledge book (M+R DMG) Passive: Unmoving knowledge: -1 speed, -1 Melee Damage, +1 range and range damage)
Upgrades: Fitness (gain +1 to movement and 0.5+ to melee damage) Elemental Tower building (Fire, Water, Earth, Plant) Fire does +1.25 ranged DMG, Water has +1 range, Earth does 0.50 DMG but does some splash, Plant can slow enemies.
PCB Hakugyokurou Crew :umyuyu: :YukariPeek:
A faction that is focused on very deadly strikes and logistical warfare with strong leaders. (Boss Faction) (Not Balanced) HQ Special: Dance of the Dead Butterflies: HQ has a zone of butterflies that deal one damage to every enemy unit (except COs and leaders) within its zone of influence every turn. Those with one life are consumed by the cherry tree, which gives allied units +1 health within the zone (stored if no units are present) (+2 range with +1 when upgraded).
 Saigyouji A commander that one should stay away from if you are the enemy can still attack with her ranged beams.  Invites death to enemies. Kind of slow, but death is always looming Starting items: Parting Fan (DMG R + M) Passive: Welcoming Death: She has an adjacent range of death in which she drains life from enemies and heals herself. Enemies at a certain health point die and depart. This buffs Yuyu with a +1 DMG buff that can last for two turns and can be chained and reset until max that performs an AOE burst effect resetting (Stackable up to 3, 5 with upgrades) Upgrades: Death's Embrace (Yuyu gains a +1 to her passive range effect) Cherry Memory (Yuyu gains +2 storage to her spirit stack and can manually burst her AOE) Barrage Blossom (unfolds the cherry fan and turns into an artillery unit); passive is disabled, but she gains +2 to range and +1 to ranged damage. takes a turn to unfold and refold.
Yukari Yakumo (Phantasm Boss) (Extreme amounts of bull) This commander doesn't dawdle around; she starts with Ran as her captain unit, which can also summon Chen as a scout captain. Can place gaps in places where she has been. Letting her plan go will be your downfall, yet attacking her early is unadvisable. Creates map effects. Somewhat slow, hence the way she uses shikigamis to do her bidding.
Passive: Boundary Breaker: Can place gaps that stay until destroyed. These gaps provide vision and can attack while also providing a quick travel point for only Yukari and her captain units. (this ability recharges by two every turn.) Gaps have 3 base HP
Upgrades: Shikigami program (Increases DMG for Ran and Chen while also increasing movement by one) Wandering Eyes (Gaps gain +1 vision and can be another unit (up to two)) Splitting borders (Can create boundary effects on the map that can prevent crossing by creating random effects, e.g. damage, slowness, stun) Gap enforcement (All units within a gap's vision gain +1 DMG and +1 DEF; Gaps gain +1 HP) Termination Boundary (When there are ten gaps on the field) Yukari chooses one gap to travel to and forces closure on all ten gaps to empower her final attack. "You better have your headquarters bundled up, as Yukari can AOE and act on two turns in one turn while doing massive damage. She gains +2 Movement, +2 DMG, +2 DEF, and when she reaches your HQ, you better hope to Youkai Jesus that your defenses are top quality as she starts effecting the Danmaku battles themselves to deal extra DMG to your HQ boss." (Lasts until she is MURDERED)

Wrote this as funni brain decided to jolt my head back into writing long form content.
Anyways, time to go back into hibernation.
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