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PixelArt Showcase for now!


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Sadly im not gonna show to much because most of my pixelart was lost on my old PC, but maybe i can save some and showcasing them as well.

So yeah time to showcase my stuff, don't expect to be all touhou, i have other likes as well and i'm now 100% focused on Original Characters stuff, anyways some screenshots!



Oh and a gif is also shown.


The mario sprite is ripped from a very old fangame, so that's why is green, i tried to replicate the style on the left of the green sheet

And the touhou stuff, well i got a bit on Suwako and Patchouli puzzle game, where you control somewhat tetris blocks and you need to guide a Suwako doll to the key and then the exit.

The Suwako is cute, she has the lemming shape and it makes her look hilarious i love it. So much than i did those sprites for fun and they are animated too, you can see them in action now!


As i said before, i'm gonna post more stuff i do here(as well some old ones), maybe i can reappear in Twitter again if i have a good mood on doing sprites!

You can also help me to improve on pixelart, i'd like to see how you like it, because i really want to improve even more... 3 years doing this... Yippie!


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Wait that's me as a doll? Yeah, Alice helped me on doing those. She doesn't look like a doll! I played so much Lemmings on my pc, so i got some inspirations of this! Oh boy...

Sprite done by myself!


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