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(Yes, we stopped hosting our own server)
Info on how to join us in matrix
Already have an account? You can join us at #moriyashrine:eientei.org


1. Get a client

You can use any public web instance of a matrix client like the official Element web instance for example, no download required.
If you want to download one instead, Element is generally the recommended client, but there are other clients as well if you'd prefer to use a different one.


2. Sign in

Look for a matrix homeserver of your choice to make an account on and register. Ideally not using the default matrix.org one.


3. Joining rooms

After joining our space you can explore and join our rooms by viewing the Moriya Shrine space.
Other matrix rooms can be found through invite links and the search function.

The list of available rooms will be different depending on the server you registered on.



  1. Don't be the reason why I'd have to make more rules
  2. Don't harass other members
  3. Use your common sense and don't post, do, or talk about stuff that could get everyone into trouble
  4. If rooms have any additional rules you should follow those as well


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