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Info on how to join us in matrix for those who want to try it, prefer using it or just don't like Discord
Join our space here: https://matrix.to/#/#moriya-shrine:moriyashrine.org


1. Get a client

Element is generally the recommended client, but there are other clients as well if you'd prefer not to use Element
You can also use a web hosted client if you don't want to download one. We don't host a web app at the moment


2. Register

When making an account or signing back in, make sure that the selected homeserver is the one you'd prefer to use
If you want to register an account on our server, use moriyashrine.org as the homeserver. The current registration token is W1lPCbp5rX_AmhtHMsLFw0222uJXCFmo


3. Joining rooms

Use the space invite above to join the Moriya Shrine space, which lets you see our own rooms
Another way to access public rooms (and spaces if enabled) is to use the explore rooms function



  1. Don't be the reason why I'd have to make more rules
  2. Don't harass other users, rooms, servers, places
  3. Use common sense and don't post stuff that'd get us into real trouble
  4. By using the server you agree with the privacy info below and also agree to not join any NSFW rooms if you aren't of legal age


  • Your one on one conversations with other people are encrypted, same with messages posted in encrypted rooms
  • Not all rooms are encrypted, so posts in unencrypted public rooms should also be considered to be publicly available
  • We do not share user information or use any kind of analytics collecting.
  • IPs are stored for 12 hours
  • You can deactivate your account through the user settings at any time and optionally prevent new users from seeing your old messages too
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