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I was on a Discord server with some people. We were talking about people's ages when someone asked me for mine. Knowing better than to reveal my age on the internet, I jokefully dodged answering. At some point, someone found my actual birthdate on my profile here, and essentially was able to doxx me. I know that they had no ill intentions, so they're fine.

So I tried to put my birthdate blank, and there's an option in the year drop-down box that says "Not Telling". But when I tried to save the settings, it forced me to put in a date, and this time there was no "Not Telling" option. Is it possible that we could have it just not display on our profiles?

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For some reason there are 2 entries for a birthday field with one being marked as required post-registration. Flipped the switch and now it shouldn't be required anymore I think. Will probably delete the duplicate entirely once I get the OK from Nitorium and know that it wouldn't break anything :AyaSmug:

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