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What's your favorite flavor of Chips?


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Yep, you read that right, I'm asking you about your favorite flavor of chips. Those potato slices are one of my favourite salty snacks out there. And I'm sure I'm not the only one on this planet or this website. So I'm asking you, right, YOU. What's your favourite flavor, type(standard, cinckle cut, "Pringles"-like) and even company. Corn "chips" like Cheetos are also welcome. My favorite flavour is standard salty chips, made by the cheapest brand available or the standard Pringles chips. I've tasted many flavours, while I've certainly got my favourites, like the Cheese Lay's/Walker's flavour form Ukraine, or The Chili and Lime one by whatever company, because most of them taste the same, Standard Salty ones are just perfect for me. When it comes to most hated ones, I hate the Salt & Vinegar ones, well,I hated them a few years ago, I got a new pack of them yesterday, so, we'll see. So, just like I asked you a few Sentences ago, What's your favorite flavour of Chips? Or Hell, What's your FAVOURITE SALTY SNACK?

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I legit just prefer original (or just normal flavoured chips)
at least in my country (end of the world) flavor chips just taste weird

end of a life

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Always hard for me to pick favorites. Especially since I don't have them often and can't make a good comparison between the ones I've tried.
But I can say that I probably haven't tried any flavors that I particularly disliked at least, and that I like those crunchy kettle-cooked chips. I also prefer ruffled chips over normal "flat surface" chips as well but in the end anything is fine really.

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