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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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To assure stability and order, the following rules and guidelines are in place for posting.  Staff will stand by these rules.

1) Do not post or start anything pertaining to NSFW (18+) material.

(This is what got our old forum shut down, so don't do it.  We enforce this heavily.)


2) Do not spam.

(Exception: Designated Misty Lake threads; post count doesn't increase for Misty Lake posts.)


3) Do not be arrogant or unsavory, and do not harass anyone.

(appearant harrasment will be taken seriously, even if it’s meant as a joke, if we gets complaints from third parties, you will be asked to stop and reconsider.)


4) Do not post any links that point directly toward pirated or otherwise illegal downloads.


5) Please refrain from necro-posting in any thread past its time.

(This pertains to questions that haven't been answered in forever, and other things like completed games about a week or so after they're over; use your common sense.)


6) If your signature has a large image or seems overly-large in other ways, put it in a Spoiler.

(We don't need humongous images in signatures making every page be vertically huge.)


7) Do not sign up with or change to an inappropriate display name.


8) Do not impersonate staff.


9) Please read any board-specific guidelines before posting on that board.


10) Do not quote videos, large images, or huge walls of text.

(If you must quote a post that contains such things, please remove such video code, image code, or large blocks of text from the quote before submitting the post.)

11) Staff members shall not undermine higher-up staff's decisions or changes made by higher-ups to plugins or forum features. Staff shall not abuse their power.

(There's a bit of a statute of limitations on this, but immediately disabling, deleting, or changing features or plugins a higher-up has just installed or changed without asking them first is a no-no.)


12) There will be a maximum of one account per person.

Breaking any of these guidelines will be dealt with appropriately, ranging anywhere from warnings, to negative notoriety, loss of Faith and/or other privileges, suspension, or a ban.  Staff reserves the right to delete, with or without notice, any posts that are deemed to be inappropriate or not a contribution to the thread, or any inappropriate or duplicated threads.

Edited by jssf1992
Editted to reflect revised rules

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For the sake of the (handful of) people who were here already, the rules have been adjust to reflect the move from the Proboards forum (where the list was from originally) to our own place.

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