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🌂 The Yakumo World Conspiracy Theory 💤


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Alright going to go into conspiracy mode for this one. I mean it. REAL CRAZY. :SekiThink:

It is known through various literature and by that point, ZUN himself, that there are some connections between the Sealing Club and Gensokyo itself given how some of the characters are linked to the past and or have abilities of certain characters.

So this brings up the theory of dream Gensokyo, timeline wackiness,  possible 4th wall problem, and crazy ass stuff.

I will break down some various points that are noted of each character for the explanation of the theory.


1. Sumireko Usami - She is known to have some powerful psychic powers and was the main antag of ULIL. 

Her occupation is the president of the assumed to be current present timeline Secret Sealing Club.

The most important part for this theory was her seemingly able to dream into Gensokyo during ULIL. Her being able to somehow tap into Gensokyo through dreaming and the use of her doppelganger has interested me into making this theory. AOCF seems to give credence to the fact that these worlds can interact with each other. 

2. Yukari Yakumo - Something that breaks apart the reason of reality. No introduction needed.

Her abilities can affect seemingly all three worlds given how her powers can affect all boundaries, even ones that are thought of to be imaginary including the dream world. She is thought to be a dreamer for the outside world, but that wouldn't make sense as that means spirited away objects would be a product of the dream herself and all other people from the outside aren't real. This can be applied vice versa as Gensokyo can also be Yukari's dream that she lives in. So here is an somewhat outrageous idea for this statement. Gensokyo, the Dream world, and the real world, exist together. Yukari's barrier of common sense allows the more easier function of the Dream world and Gensokyo to exist easier. The real world is one more in tune to reality with only occasional hiccups as there are humans with powers.

3. Maribel Hearn/Renko Usami - These two are assumed to be from the future. Renko Usami is assumed to be descendent of Sumireko. Maribel though is not given much backstory, she is thought to be descendent of a family lineage that has the ability to sense something supernatural, but seemingly has no relatives within Japan. This is where the rails fly off the freaking track and into a black hole. Her powers seem to have a connection to Yukari, and shows major changes in terms of power which goes right into boundary manipulation. ZUN, being a massive troll only says this "How should I say this. In the past, there was this Lafcadio Hearn....Don't think too much about this (laugh)". Alright he wants us to speculate, so here we go!

There can only be a couple of explanations. Maribel Hearn is the dream Yukari that exists without knowing that she is a fake within the real world. This means that Yukari is in a deep hibernation or some incident has forced her into dreaming. Yukari takes this chance to pull out her dream self into the real world outside of Gensokyo before fully dreaming of a dream self. These dream selves are somewhat true to the real self, but this is Yukari who we are talking about, who knows what her dreams are given her own powers. Anyways, these dream selves believe to be the real version of themselves. So who knows if Yukari has some type of double life and wants to be something else. Anyways, given the fact that Maribel slowly develops her power over the boundary to the point of being able to manipulate it. It gives me reason to put it up as Maribel being Dream Yukari.

Alright for my second explanation. Real crazy one. Maribel Hearn is descendent of Yukari Yakumo. Now this explanation tries to tie together the history instead of supplementing the dreams and Yukari herself. Given how ZUN only mentioned somebody called Lafcadio Hearn, I looked up the origin of this person who was a writer that immigrated into Japan and had four children. Interestingly enough, this person who ZUN mentioned, written a lot about Japanese culture and the supernatural. He also interestingly changed his name to Koizumi Yakumo.  Which was probably how ZUN got the idea of the names. This gives credence to the supernatural backstory that Maribel Hearn mentioned with her family being able to "sense the supernatural" though it isn't mentioned that if it is only her being able to see gaps for her supernatural sense. So in theory, Yukari could've brought the descent/alteration of a descendent of the Hearn bloodline. Either through some type of border trickery, regular means, genetic manipulation, and or memory fuckery. Maribel Hearn is born with the latent abilities of Yakumo Yukari and takes after her mother in terms of looks and gap manipulation.

Alright time for the throw everything out the window explanation. All three of the worlds? ALL FAKE. It is all part of Yukari's dream. The real, Gensokyo, and the "Dream world". Everything part of a stage play. I mean think about it, Gensokyo, the real world, and the Dream world can be manipulated by Yukari herself. Her powers are on borderline impossible and she herself seems to enjoy playing danmaku even though she has the powers of changing everything. Everything is just a game to her, manipulating the border of life and death? Goes to sleep. Somebody screwing with night and day, and possibly ruining the balance of Youkai and humans? Play danmaku with her opponents. She never pinches the problem at the source, always seeing how the heroines would fare against others in some sort of game.

This leads me to believe that she is a avid thinker/lucid dreamer somebody who has the ability to change anything to her whims, anything that they can will up, will appear to fit their minds. Imaginations unlimited according to the mind. All of it according to her own mind to entertain and or place herself within.

Phew, alright that was some crazy ass stuff I wrote. So what do you think? One of these three explanations and or another you would like to give?:SaguDown:

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