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National music!


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That's just a thread where you can share music from your country =)

I'm from Brazil and i really love the music from my country, i'll try sharing some that you might find interesting

My favorite band of all time is Charlie Brown Jr, they make rock, reggae and also other genres like rap, sometimes also mixing all the genres, those are some music you might enjoy:


The story of CBJR is actually really sad but well, their music is amazing and they're surely legends of the brazilian rock culture

If you're not someone who likes rock too much, i recommend Tim Maia, who makes some Bossa, Pop and Samba music:


Tim Maia is someone who completely changed the way brazilian music was and surely was an amazing musician, you can find several other music from him where he shows a lot of ability!

I'm not someone really into Rap but sometimes i listen to a specific group called Racionais, if you like the genre, take a look into it:


Racionais is a group that talked about the crime in the poor regions of the country, and reported against the criminal violence, sometimes also talking about the police too

Now that i talked about some music, the Brazilian music genres are pretty interesting, and i'll talk about one in specific that's the Bossa Nova

Bossa nova is a mix between Jazz and Samba, two different genres that goes really well together

Maybe you already listened to some Bossa Nova music, since it is pretty popular worldwide =)

Some of Bossa Nova:


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23 hours ago, _.Mevs said:

Bossa Nova

I didn't know Bossa Nova originated in Brazil; now I'm wondering about the origins of other genres.

I'm a big fan of Irish folk, but I'm not sure if that fits the criteria of this thread (i.e. can I post Irish if I'm not Irish?), so I'll keep it minimal here.




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