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Hello again!! =D


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It has been some time, like... 2 months? Something like that xd

Well, i wanna be honest, i left the forum for all this time due to some bad stuff, such as negative feelings and this kind of thing, but i'm slowly recovering from all that and getting back to be the way i used to be

As i could see, a lot of new people joined the forum, that's great! I hope we can have good experiences here! =D

I will come back later to talk about everything in more details, but is great to be back! 

Thanks for everyone who didn't forget about me and still want me here =)

I'll take a look into the new threads now, see you guys later =D


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Alright so, i'm gonna start to talk about everything that happened:

Basically, when the year started i stopped being so active due to preparations for this year, but i was still posting, nothing so big happened in this meantime actually, so everything was okay

In february, i got back to my studies at the university, so yeah, i knew i'd have to spend way more time focusing on my class, but so far, everything okay, even if without being active here or in most of my friends groups. i was still perfectly okay

Things started getting weird in my birthday, since i wasn't really in the mood but well, till there it was just a normal stressing at all, nothing to worry about, but things changed during the weeks and i was just stressing way too much, at a level that i arrived at home many times with nothing to do, so i kept just sleeping during the whole day while feeling horrible for not doing nothing good of my life

Things got worse due to some relations, since two of my friends that i trust the most just started being so weird, one of them left us due to a relationship and my other friend... I just don't really know, she was really nice and lovely to me during all the time, but after some time, it seemed like she was going through some stuff, since she wasn't going to work or to the classes

I asked her if she was okay some times and she said that yeah, she was, i didn't believe at the beginning but tried to don't talk about it

Some days later i found out that she was going out with a guy and just started drinking vodka and using some, well, not very legal drugs, and it worried me but, i couldn't really do anything

So, she just starting acting really rude to me all of a sudden like if someone told her to do so, and it was something that kind of destroyed me, since we had a really good relation for years, like brother and sister

I knew she had depression issues and i always tried to help, i always did my best to give her attention and someone to talk about her problems

So, she started to stop talking to me and i started doing the same, since i was starting to destroy my mind to worry about her, like always feeling like i was someone horrible for not being able to do something

Now things are getting better and well, i'm managing to make it through everything, thanks for the attention and i'll try to be more active from now on =)


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Posted (edited)

Welcome back! Hope from now on we will have to chance to see you more again. It was so fun when you were around, and I think we could get back that interaction if you decide to stay. 

Ty Count!

I really wanna stay, i haven't posted too much recently because i actually didn't read so many threads so far xd

I'm taking a time to read them now =D


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