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IT. IS. TIME! to play Hisoutensoku!

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Alright, it's time for us to play this indie game called "Hisoutensoku" made by some Chinese man called Zun!

How to set it up?

https://mega.nz/#!Xu5w3ZCA!3qOLthCfKsr7LJh0N5pWS1VcWXcjWQGsRuOPJW4KzjU Ready to play brainlet version of Soku:

1. Drag and drop the contents of the .rar somewhere
2. Find Configex123 which should be located in the 12.3 folder and edit [th105path] part so it links to the location of your 10.5 folder
3 Launch the game
4. Launch Sokuroll

And now you can connect to anyone who has either port forwarded or is in a private network like hamachi or zerotier

Discord to find some players or alternatively hamachi/zerotier/direct ip in thread: 73Fm4Rp

Same discord is also doing a tourney *soon*!


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Hi are you guys still hosting event for Hisoutensoku?
I'm interested in learning more about it.

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