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Adding new content to the 12.3/soku game?


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The soku community created a large pack and install of the game including a full unlock (and the SWR characters without needing game file knowledge) and some mods including an in-game hostlist and ways to host without port forwarding. Could it be added? 

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While there's no need to reupload the whole thing here (it's available for free on delthas's website) I agree that it would be good to include a link to it.

21 hours ago, buskerdog said:

They made a mod that does all that?

The Soku community is a different breed I swear

Many old fighting games have fanmade patches to improve netcode, and you can use a tool called autopunch to remove a lot of the hassles that come with peer-to-peer connections, but hosting a dedicated server for one to let people find matches more conveniently and reduce latency is pretty nutty. As far as I know, the guys who do this don't even take donations or anything so it's purely for the sake of improving the experience of playing the game.

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