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Fanfics and Doujinshi I liked and recommend

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Ight, so if you read that title you already know what this Topic is about. Gonna start with some semi-dark fic than some General fic, no Smut or romance will be found due to my fear of mods.

Semi-Dark Fanfic

ok, so the first one that comes to mind when I think fanfic is Taker Foxx's Imperfect Metamorphosis.

The story is freaking phenomenal, it's like an explosion of relationships with a large amount of did that really just happen moments. It's one of those rare reads that actually keeps you on your toes and engaged as you don't actually know what could happen next. I'm not gonna lie though this story is dialogue heavy, it can support up to 20,000+ words in later chapter something that could throw off readers that take an interest in this story but I urge you not to be intimidated by the length of the chapters If you decide not to read this story then you're cheating yourself out of an extremely well-written story. 

This story also has a spin-off staring Moko, Kagura and Rumia called Rhapsody of subconscious desires that takes place after 


Rin absorbs them and sends them to what I assume is her Dream World.


I feel like this is more of a release from the obviously scripted event in IM since there's a very valid explanation on why he can do whatever the heck he wants with this story.


My second Recommendation would probably be a reimagining on the first three Modern era Touhou games called Touhou Ibunshu by Usually Dead. Now unlike Taker Foxx stories Usually Dead went off the face of the earth to never be heard from again. I don't know what happened to him but I did manage to salvage as much as I could get from his stories using the way back machine.

I do not know if this will work for everyone but if it doesn't I'm more then willing to Retype every story he wrote for anyone that's interested, during my Summer Break. The story takes place in a Touhou where humans can't fly and Spell Cards are the only way Humans can defend themselves. Reimu actually act like a Miko, and all human characters go down by a few tiers, so don't expect Reimu to come flying to rekt everyone in sight!

Tell me if this link fails

Touhou Ibunshu


General Fanfic

Third fanfic would be Tooth and Claw by UnmovingGreatLibrary, the story isn't overly complicated or Dark as hell but it does go in a different direction from what we're used too. If you'd ever wondered what would happen if Reimu was turned into a youkai look no further!

Teeth and Claws


Fourth and Final age appropriate fic, not gonna lie I have a history with this fic so I'm a bit biased, it's a what if story, that goes over what would happen if Cirno wasn't just a fairy but something else, something powerful.

Legend of the strongest




so since we going pg-13 I'm avoiding any romance Doujinshi and moving on to the battle manga then I'll add some comedy.

First up are these must-read battle manga styled Doujinshi by Chado or Two Minutes' Walk, the plots basically none existent for must of his battle manga series but who needs a plot when you can watch your favorite characters beat this shit out of each other! There are some works with interesting ideas though, Koumakyou, for example, puts us through the life of Reimu, if you weren't in the Reimu protection squad before you might be after reading this one.



My second favorite battle manga would probably be those created by FlipFlop, I don't really have a reason to put him belong or on top of Chado except for the fact that I read Chado first. His Doujinshi has amazing battles but no real dark themes like Chado which is nice since Reimu story really hit a spot in my heart.



My third fav story would definitely be let's play Resident Evil by Niiko (gonnzou), I'm sad to say that it's not translated so you'll have to read it from Danbooru using the tuskimi boxes but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth it. The action scenes are awesome and the main characters are actually ⑨, I think that's all I really have to say, fair warning Danbooru does have questionable content that's better not looked at if you uncomfortable with that kind of thing.

Niiko (gonnzou)


that's about it.



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