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Trying to revive a dead game?


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Probably this is one of the topics that will not have a lot of replies and will die soon but, i've been playing a game from my childhood that sadly doesn't has a lot of active players nowadays

The game is Ace Of Spades, also known as Build N' Shoot or OpenSpades (openspades is a remaster)

The story of AoS is really long, so if you wanna understand it, watch this video: 

I'll explain the game in some topics: Gameplay, How it works and Best Servers to play in 2023


The game is so simple, it was the reason it was popular, and the gameplay consists in basically build and destroy stuff while killing enemy players to bring the victory to your team, in some gamemodes, you capture a intel (aka flag), that's a case that you need to bring to your tent to get 10 points and get near to the victory, but there's also other gamemodes such as the Babel gamemode, where you have to build stairs to get the intel in the top of the map, while the enemy team does the same, and your objective is to destroy enemy's stairs or help your team to build yours

The game has massive destruction, for example, when you break the basis of a construction, it completely falls and destroys itself in the ground, and you can also build, this function can be used to build barriers, towers, houses, penis and anything else you wanna build!

The game has 3 different weapons that you can use selecting the one that applies better to you gaming style, the weapons are: Shotgun, SMG and Rifle

Rifle: Reach long distances, 1 headshot or 2 shots to kill someone and works basically like a sniper, but without a scope

Shotgun, Reach low distances, but can do hitkill when you're near enough, is good for close spaces, but can kill with only 1 headshot too

SMG: Basically a submachine gun, it can shoot a lot of times at once and is good at any distance, can kill with 3 headshots, is my personal favorite

Some nice gamemodes aside from CTF and Babel are:

TDM - The first team to reach a certain number of kills win

Survive - Basically a zombie survival (the zombies use shovel and have more life than you)

TOW - The first team to dominate all the areas win

Arena - Basically counter strike, but without a bomb, you just need to kill everyone and if you die you become a spectator

Btw, if you're someone in a low PC, don't worry, the game was created exactly for low PCs, since it has 2.2MB and has voxlap graphics, and i'll explain what's voxlap in the next topic, but basically, if your PC runs DooM, it runs AoS

Images of the game:

Build N Shoot (runs in any potato):

80 Games Like Build and Shoot – Games Like



Ace of Spades | Build and Shoot Launcher - (download link in description) - YouTube

OpenSpades 0.0.12b Windows.zip - BUILD AND SHOOT - dawniej Ace of Spades - GRY NIEZALEŻNE (PC ...




Openspades (also runs in any potato but you'll need to adjust all graphic settings to low for it, is the version i use btw):








How it works?

Basically, it is a game made with voxels (basically, a voxel would be a pixel, but in 3D), using a version called voxlap, that was made by a guy called Ken Silverman, i'd put his page here but google says it isn't secure (maybe because is a page from 2005 of a guy explaining a new engine he invented)

And well, what Ken says is simple:

"When I graduated college in May, 2000, I started working on a new voxel engine called "Voxlap". (For those newbies out there, the word "voxel" is derived from "volume + pixel". It's like a 2D pixel, but in 3D - just a fancy name for a cube.) Most game engines these days use polygons. Polygons and voxels each have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, it's a lot easier to destroy a wall in a voxel engine. Also, there's no penalty for drawing curved surfaces over flat surfaces in a voxel engine."

Basically, it shows that voxel and voxlap games aren't heavy, mostly knowing how old it is (don't take it so literally, THERE ARE several heavy games made in voxel, but idk if there's heavy games made in voxlap)

Now, going back to the AoS thing, you can download the game in it's official page: https://www.buildandshoot.com/download/

* You can choose the Build And Shoot launcher, that basically works like roblox, you go to the official website, join a game and it will start in the launcher

* You can choose the Openspades version too, that basically has everything on it, since the server list to the game itself, Openspades is different due to stuff like it's 3D sound and ragdoll death, also 3D weapons and arms, with new sounds and also it's graphics, that are way more realistic, but no worries, my PC is also a low PC and it runs perfectly, just desactivate global illumination and put everything on low, or if you want way more FPS, switch the OpenGL config to the Software config in the start screen

You can learn way more about AoS when you play it and discover the other stuff around it, like the fact you can download new textures, new maps (useful if you have a server) and a lot of other stuff!

Your first nickname will be "Deuce", but you can change it on "Setup" when you start the game

Best servers to play in 2023:

1 - NJS3 Hallway: Has scripts like mines and has the classic CTF gameplay in a classic map called Hallway, that already was played several times in the past

2 - aloha.pk Arena: The classic arena gamemode, not a lot to talk about it

3 - aloha.pk Tower Of Babel: The classic babel gamemode, with a script called Apocalipse, that works when a player get a high killstreak

4 - Servidor Do Ronaldo: is a TDM server, is pretty dead, but was made by my friend, so i think is nice to share it so we can play there!

I hope you guys enjoy the game! Is really fun, and i really recommend if you have a low end PC or just want a simple FPS without a lot of stuff to learn about

Here's a gameplay and the launch trailer video:




Btw, the trailer has some weapons and characters that are different to the original ones for a simple reason: You can download textures for the game in gamebanana or in it's official website!


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I used to play a looot of this game, back around 2010-2012'ish. Completely forgot it even existed until I saw this thread, and it was like digging up and dusting off an old fossil in my memory.

I'm downloading OpenSpades at the moment to try and hop back in, see if any servers are active. Like a trip down memory lane..

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