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Raiders of the Lost Remix Tournament


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1. EastNewSound - Cardiac Sound
Oooh, I love this style. There's something about music like this that makes me feel so nostalgic. I'm really bad with word so I don't know how else to explain how I'm feeling :TenshiCry:
But overall, a pretty chill song for me, ironic considering that it's probably supposed to be energetic and stuff! But tbh, it didn't really stuck with me now that I finished listening it, but I do like the rising "chords". But if it did get into my Youtube mix playlist, I wouldn't skip it.

3. Noah - The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky
Bleh... Not a big fan of metal overall, and I have a feeling that PCB Stage 4 theme is the last song that needs a metal arrangement, it's too calm for metal. Also repetitive.

2. MA.S ATTACK - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa
Okay, I won't rate this one, which is why I put it the last here.
I LOVE ambient music, this one is perfect. When I heard it in Megafrog's Iceberg video, I was hooked from the start. I can imagine myself walking around my town at night, where there is no one outside (since my town is small). This one has a sense a mystery imo, the ending part is especially my favorite, where Nitori's theme shines through, and the bass gets more prominent. Absolute perfection, it's like the cherry on top for me. :KoishiXD:

10 hours ago, CountVonNumenor said:

Probably a track I could put as background noise when playing Half-Life out of anything...

Well now I gotta try this out.

Number 1 Alice, Meiling and Youmu fan! jaooooooooo

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On 3/11/2023 at 3:49 PM, buskerdog said:

It's @Tenkko... I'll post the new round tomorrow hopefully

Speaking of which, has anyone seen Tenkko around recently? I think we could introduce as a feature that if you missed a round of the Tournament, you come back later and fill the answers for that round you missed. Like reviewing not 3 songs, but 6. Or review that three you missed at another time...


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Sorry again, been busy with mine projects. Anyways double time.

13. EastNewSound - Cardiac Sound

Haven't heard this circle in a while. I don't really know what to make of this, it's fine? Doesn't really go many places which, I'm going to assume is just a quirk of the genre, but it's not something I particularly appreciate. As everyone else has said, it sure is an arrangement.


14. MA.S ATTACK - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa

Oh god 10 minutes what do you mean 10 minutes. I already gave my thoughts on ambient on the previous piece by this circle, but while that song had a mood I really enjoyed along some stuff on it to keep interesting, if a bit repetitive, there's... not much going on here. Again though, probably a quirk of the genre that's not really resonating with me.


15. Noah - The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky

Alright, not the genre I was expecting for this song. This is a bit more my realm, what do you mean I'm biased. Starts out really strong and then switches to the acoustic guitar for a softer sound, and I really really love the mix of acoustic and electric guitar in songs. Big fan of the build up of instruments in the background as it nears the end, though I feel that guitar solo came a bit too early. It's good! It's energetic! It's fun!


16. Yoshida Mirai Project - とこしえの黄泉 -- Pola

Oh this is weird, I like it. Kinda of an odd song pick for an arrangement but it works really well here. That messy distorted sound in the background along with the chanting, before the melody comes in with that soft synth. It's really good. Obviously not something you'd particularly listen to a lot, but it's a very good experience nonetheless.


17. Shinra-Bansho - Song of Companion

I feel Shinra-Bansho has the same quirk as Akatsuki in which the songs they publicize a lot are kinda bland and samey, but you can actually find some interesting stuff if you dig into their library. Idk, I personally love the original theme here and this arrangement does great at keeping that folksy vibe and enhancing it. Them flutes, man.


18. GET IN THE RING - ⑨melodies

GET IN THE RING really does not settle on any genre, does it. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I've definitely never heard something like this from them so, goes to show how much I know. Anyways, very pretty arrange and not what I was expecting when I saw the title. I have a bit of a hard time recognizing the originals in here but that's not really a problem. There's nothing particularly interesting about it but, it was a good listen nonetheless.


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everything is just peachy tonsh.gif.0b4075faabf61d7265e5c3fea342964f.gif

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16: Pola - Eternal Hades
The past returns to haunt me.

On 1/25/2023 at 10:57 PM, Ken Hisuag said:

Another arrangement came to my mind while listening to this; a similarly intentioned piece that was almost part of the ill-fated "halloween" remix tournament, by the artist Pola. Unlike MA.S ATTACK's track, this had a lot more activity and discordance in it, making it difficult to identify the source piece and escalating the underlying dread to genuine discomfort. Between the two remixes, I can confidently say I prefer the current tournament's feature.

While the wording hasn't aged well, the sentiment hasn't changed. This piece accomplishes a thoroughly disturbing atmosphere, as intended. I may respect it, even appreciate it, but I do not enjoy it.

Regrets. 3/10

17: ShinRa-Bansho - Fairy Song
A welcome shift.

ShinRa-Bansho's standard of quality goes before them, as does the varied nature of their arrangements. This is a tamer mood than I usually hear from them, which goes along with the more serene progression utilized. The music depicts an epic journey in all its stages, from the instigation to the setting out, the unmet desires and their associated conflicts, their eventually resolutions and the realization of new horizons. Ironically, I can't make much of the lyrics either in consistency or otherwise. Regardless, a thoroughly enjoyable listen (instrumentation is excellent, too).

A good sort of different from ShinRa-Banso. 8.5/10

18: GET IN THE RING - ⑨melodies
My favorite circle!

Speaking of uncharacteristic styles, I did not expect such a serene song from GET IN THE RING. The masterful medley technique, on the other hand, was eagerly anticipated; this circle is on par with DJ the S for constructing full pieces from outsourced motifs. I was in no way disappointed. The song itself is also worth looking up, imo; it fits the music, and is rather sweet. It's interesting to rate this next to Fairy Song, since the two pieces appeal to me in similar but slightly different ways.

I haven't yet heard a GITR song I didn't love. 8.5/10

can y'all tell I'm rushed?

Edited by Ken Hisuag


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