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Raiders of the Lost Remix Tournament


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1 hour ago, CountVonNumenor said:

Stack is not really for everyone, and I guess people have different tastes when it comes to vocal preferences.

I want to reiterate (because my roundabout way of explanation is not always easy to interpret) that I greatly admire Stack's vocal abilities, and more often than not I enjoy the arrangements I hear from Akatsuki Records. It was this particular performance that I disliked, not her general sound.

1 hour ago, CountVonNumenor said:

It was the most calm Stack song I have in my library,

RT4, Round 4 ~ Entry 2: Akatsuki Records - The Way Home We Walked On Together


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13 hours ago, Ken Hisuag said:

I want to reiterate (because my roundabout way of explanation is not always easy to interpret) that I greatly admire Stack's vocal abilities, and more often than not I enjoy the arrangements I hear from Akatsuki Records. It was this particular performance that I disliked, not her general sound

Fair enough. What I meant was that I have heard quite a few people in different groups recently saying that the bad is not for their taste, which I am fine with. 


13 hours ago, Ken Hisuag said:

RT4, Round 4 ~ Entry 2: Akatsuki Records - The Way Home We Walked On Together

Oh, I think I missed that Tournament Edition. But you have also made me curious about the song in question. Thank you. REAL WORLD -to the beginning 01- is one of those albums I still have yet to listen to. Also 2016? That is definitely way before anything from Akatsuki Records that I am familiar with (in my case, mostly songs after 2018). Anyway, Phoenix Kappashiro always has a wonderful selection of Stack songs. 

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My monitor screen is shattered,
but somehow thru magic i managed to use my phone as replacement monitor lmao.
yes this written from a PC, just the text is very very small.

silver forest - keep in faith

Holyshit how old is this? Holyshit the classic video intro!

The opening vocal makes me question my headphone, i spent few minutes adjusting the cable because of that.
and how the melody is quite faithful to the original shows how old the music is.
it's ok, the arraneent is just.. yeah, pretty usual for silver forest stuff, even in the newer releases it sounds the same. silver forest still stuck in the past. but this track is from the past so it get a pass.
somehow i find this track funny.

lol it's ok 6.5/10
bonus point for ancient track


IRON ATTACK - Sturm und Drang

I saw Ken's post and i feel intimidated.

And I know some might not like the vocal(or the metal), ive met quite a lot of people like that yeah.
I myself have acquired the taste of iron.

The Japonism is a nice touch, perhaps it activated my inner weebiness.
but seriously this feels amazing.
Ive been a big fan of metal with traditional folk, and this not just usual metal but heroic metal, y'know like Dragonforce. It gives a nice contrast.
i will call this genre Samurai music :thumbsup:.
this has been the one of the best japanese folk metal ive heard.
yes there has been some attempt before but i dont think it's this amazing.

9.5/10 amazing, would repeat a lot
found myslef holding back the 10 for unexplainable reason.
probably because i have another favorite from iron attack that I'd prefer listening to.

unrelated but if you watch One Piece, this song reminds me of Wano Arc.


Akatsuki Records - Gray Zone

ah yes THE Stack, I'm allowed to be really picky with this one.

I thought this was gonna be Stack Ballad, BUT NO! *changes to funk pop*
they did this with Treasure Cirno i felt betrayed, heartbroken!

Challenge: Stack letting the instruments to shine (impossible)
oh ok it got calmer so nice
funk pop is still nice but the betrayal!

The lyric composition is quite strange, especially the overuse of shifting language.
the sentence supposed to be one coherent line, but it switch between Japanese and 援護. Usually the secondary language is used to emphasize key words, but 違う it seem これ using it as it pleases, i find it quite 気持ち悪い.

im hurt but enjoying

On 1/5/2023 at 7:40 AM, CountVonNumenor said:

It was the most calm Stack song I have in my library, so I thought why not throw it in.

try searching Akatsuki Records Ballad in youtube, you will find great results. (i may or may not submitted a stack ballad to the tourney before)
it's winter i recommend Cyanotype, it's even a proper ballad with storytelling.

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wooaoaaoao really late for this one

4. Silver Forest - Keep the Faith

OH that Silver Forest, never listened to their other stuff. It's nice, I actually really like that style of mixing vocals, but aside from that there's not much going on really, just a faithful arrange of the original no pun intended. And you know? Sometimes that's good enough.


5. IRON ATTACK! - Sturm und Drang

Is it trying to emulate Rhapsody of Fire? Because if so that's actually really fucking good, down to the vocals. I think IRON ATTACK does that a lot iirc, I need to listen to more of their stuff some day.

Anyways I'm a sucker for power metal so, 9/10

6. Akatsuki Records - Gray Zone

stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks...

I'm still not over my akatsuki burnout but I actually really like this style. I honestly think Stack shines more in slower arrangements like this, though I really really wish there was some more space for the music. Those in-between parts where she just keeps going mm, don't like that.


everything is just peachy tonsh.gif.0b4075faabf61d7265e5c3fea342964f.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is what I was worried about previous tournament (something similar happened way back in the first one). I recommend setting a maximum duration for each rounds; participants are aware of how long they have to get their review in before the next round is due. It should be reasonably generous, especially for larger tournaments, but not so long as to stagnate participation.

21 hours ago, CountVonNumenor said:

given how inactive has the forum been as a whole recently.

It . . . really hasn't been. I was gone for a week, and came back to quite a bit of backlog to catch-up on (still working on it). Just because there are some quiet days, doesn't mean overall activity is down.

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I have a convenient slot of time right now so I'll post round 3.

@Gou the frog come and fill in your reviews for the backlog when you have the time, I understand that the reason this happened is because you are very busy.


Tsubaki - Artemis Wept


Lycoris - Hammersmith in the Sky



MA's ATTACK - Hartmann's Youkai Girl




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I elongated my headphone cable to 5m.... yeah.
Bad move, it's picking all sort of distortions and i increased the total resistance so my PC having hard time driving the speaker.
...I don't wanna cut and re-solder the connector.

TsuBaKi - Artemis Wept
ooh tsubaki, great circle

The image choice is misleading, i was expecting Kagome Kagome
Music sound a bit muffled and my headphone is on the verge of dying, i don't know whether it's the compression or mastering or me issue.

Pretty nice as per usual from TsuBaki, I love this kind of heavy metal.
Though the voice sounding pretty uh... synthesized? It sounds electro-ey. Don't think it's a good choice in this genre.
I don't really mind the scream but i understand another might not like it.
The lyrics.... I'm too lazy to lookup, but through listening i don't feel any significant meaning

7.5/10 would choose to play

Lycoris - Hammersmith in the Sky
ooh tape player

the moment the guitar plays I know I gonna love this
i just love classic rock, it feels nostalgic even though i haven't even born lmao
I'm speechless I have nothing to comment.

10/10 Thank you whoever submitted this.
totally go in my playlist

MA's ATTACK - Hartmann's Youkai Girl
I accidentally shouted "OH NO" after looking at the thumbnail and the genre. hope I'm wrong.

Actually not too bad, pretty nice.
tbh the drums is the one that carries this whole track. It somewhat has Shoji Meguro esque in it.
And the ambient is mostly well executed.
I'd say it lack dynamism, while the kicks are nice repeated, it's not the case for the...xylophones?
Yeah the xylophones, that part felt repetitive for some reason.
Even more, it doesn't help that the volume totally overwhelm other instruments.

7.5/10 would listen to the end.
my ears are itchy because all the reverb


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7: TsuBaKi - Artemis Wept ~ Moon's Lament

TsuBaKi's well deserved reputation set certain expectations even before I started listening, and these were only reinforced by the introductory instrumentation, promising an enjoyably dramatic arrangement. Then the vocals hit.

I have made a concerted (and largely successful) effort to develop appreciation for as many musical styles and genres as possible over the past several years; the one genre that has continued to elude my attempts at sympathetic comprehension has been screamo death metal. Music is uniquely suited to intensifying and influencing emotions, and is often utilized for this purpose; as such, one of my standard considerations for a piece is what kind of emotional response it is likely to evoke. This extreme form of emotional expression is characterized by its negative energy, largely uncontrolled and unfiltered; in a word, "raw." Thus far, I have not been able to discern a beneficial usage for it, and am much more inclined to consider it a risk. Granted that this song is only partially performed in this style, but even the limited use is enough to preclude this from being a personally enjoyable experience. I also couldn't find the lyrics, so . . .

My one weakness; I am aware of my (arguably unreasonable) bias, but it cannot be helped. At least the production quality is good. 2/10

8: Lycoris Sound - Hammersmith in the Sky
Highlight of this round.

Rather refreshing to hear a more laid-back rock style instrumental arrangement among all the vocal metal and pop. On initial listening, I thought it a bit simplistic, but subsequent listenings highlighted its creativity. The pipe organ is a rare enough instrument choice to be novel in most settings; its inclusion here helps maintain the slight eeriness that the intro brought in (an ideal tone for the source motif), but also reinforces the playful mood of the piece. It continues to keep the balance between these two tones throughout the arrangement, initially as a lead instrument and then as an accompaniment for the electric guitar.

I'm so used to hearing riffs, it's somewhat unusual to hear a more steady note-by-note performance. I don't normally appreciate this style, not because of its sound but because of its concept; why do note-by-note when you could jazz it up a bit with some improve? This piece has examples of improve, but it also showcases the way a proper accompaniment can enhance the simple performance, uniquely highlighting the versatility of the instruments. It helps that both approaches are balanced against each other, allowing me to appreciate them simultaneously.

On that note, I remember posting a piece from this circle early on it Musical Discoveries. I think it's a testament to how much my tastes have developed since then, that what I found dislikable then is now something I can appreciate for its creativity and skill.

Slightly nostalgic, and more generally pleasant. Bonus points for the neat video. 8/10

9: MA.S ATTACK - Hartmann's Youkai Girl
The creeping dread.

There's a line between ambient music and what I call "true ambience," and I tend to define that line according to melodic progression. I characterize ambience by its overall lack of significant progression; its purpose is to set a mood, not to "tell a story." While all music has mood, ambience is specifically focused on developing atmosphere, and thus does not need to "move" anywhere to accomplish its goal.

This piece is very close to the line of true ambience, in as much as you could remove the melodic part and it would not harm the piece at all, aside from disqualifying it as a remix. Nonetheless, there is something gained by the inclusion of a distinctly out-of-key motif in the background of the fuzzy noise, especially one with the already discordant progression of Hartmann's Youkai Girl. The motif is alone, unaccompanied except by the foreground noise and percussion, and this isolation within the music communicates to the atmosphere of the piece. It may seem a bit long, but that is also part of the effect; were it shorter, it could not drag out its atmosphere nearly so effectively.

Another arrangement came to my mind while listening to this; a similarly intentioned piece that was almost part of the ill-fated "halloween" remix tournament, by the artist Pola. Unlike MA.S ATTACK's track, this had a lot more activity and discordance in it, making it difficult to identify the source piece and escalating the underlying dread to genuine discomfort. Between the two remixes, I can confidently say I prefer the current tournament's feature.

Well accomplished in its intentions, if not particularly suitable for casual listening. 6.8/10

Edited by Ken Hisuag
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Tsubaki is a really hit or miss circle with their songs for me but, this one goes to the latter...
I really like the vocals there and it really reminds me of Foreground Eclipse, Kachi Kachi Yama, Shinigiwa Satellite or Takamachi Walk style. I personally like the screamo and i also really cherish that theme sooo..



This reminds me more of a OST that could be used in some game, especially western-themed one it starts of nice but starts to get quite repetitive and without any changes in the strucutre whatsoever.
Sometimes it's a good thing but for me personally in this case, it's not...


3. Ooh. This one is lengthy. I am really not a big fan of "pure ambient" though... I like when it has other genres weaved in and these kind of songs are usually long and are also journey of some kind...

This one is also eerie, i like it but... It's not enough to carry the whole track.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Holy shit, I am sorry for delaying the Remix Tournament again :TenshiCry:

I am feeling like drowning in exams and assignments, and yet I have just a few more days until I can get some deserved rest. Anyway, with that out of the way, time to review the songs of this round:


TsuBaKi - Artemis Wept

Interesting song. I have never heard of this music group before, so it is a new experience for me (something that I greatly appreciate at each Remix Tournament). The intro and outro of the song did not give me at first the vibe it would turn into rock but it sure was a surprise. I like metal, but I am not very sure yet about the "screaming util you destroy your cords and lungs" part of this kind of music. However, the female singer has been very good, and I appreciated that. The original song sounds familiar, yet I still cannot recognize it - a little bit of help just like last time, please?

Overall, it was not bad, so I will give it a 7/10


Lycoris - Hammersmith in the Sky

I absolutely love the presentation for this one. The whole tape thing is something I have not seen in a very long time, and reminds me of childhood (even in the early 2000s, you still might have had a music machine at home that used tapes). And the sound of music reminds me exactly of that times. Plus, the song itself is good too. A nice arrangement for Greenwich in the Sky. I just had one of those singalong moments as it was going. It sure had brought up some old nostalgia. 

Given how good of an impression and old memories it gave me, I will give it a 10/10 - definitely need to use the music machine ("combină" as we tend to refer to it in Romanian, as it has incorporated a radio, a player for VHS tapes and a player for old vinyl disks).


MA's ATTACK - Hartmann's Youkai Girl

HOLY MOTHER OF SEAL CUBES, ALMOST 10 MINUTES? I have to admit, the intro to the song has a very eerie feeling to it. Ok, the more this song is going, it starts to sound a little less eerie, even if that vibe still persists (definitely not helped by the background choice). Otherwise, I am not very sure what to say. It sounds like a slow rendition of Koishi's theme, and as I am only halfway through, I still have not noticed anything special besides sounding chill in a slightly weird way? I am slowly getting close to the end, and I have to notice anything special... (as you can see, I am writing as I am listening to the song). And now I am suddenly getting an eerie feeling again. Like a set of footsteps in the middle of an empty room, coming from nowhere, as the song ends. I guess this song has been mostly some sort of ambient stuff

I am not very sure what rate to give to this song, so  would probably go with a 5.5/10


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1. Tsubaki - Artemis Wept
Oohh, those bells at the beginning~ They sound really nostalgic.
Oh man, I really did not expect that this is gonna be a death metal-esque? song, especially those male vocals. I expected to song to be kinda chill, with female vocals, of which I was only right about the latter. :KoishiXD:
It's a unique song, I like it, but ig the death metal vocals kind of dilute the song for me? I don't really like them. I like how the song sounds wintery tho, and the female vocals are amazing.

2. Lycoris - Hammersmith in the Sky
Alrighty, time for this one.. I'll write the review as I'm listening to it.
Ooooh yeah, rock. I really like this so far. The slow intro, the 4 by 4 beat, the bass. It has a cozy feeling!
And then the Greenich theme hit with the organ sounding instrument. Real nice! The phasers are awesome as well ehehehe
I just wish it kinda changed in structed, and not stayed similar. But the mental image the song gives me is great! A recording studio with red and orange colors, pretty cozy!

3. MA's ATTACK - Hartmann's Youkai Girl
Hah, I kept giggling through all your comments about this song :KoishiXD:, but I do kinda admit that maybe it's weird to post this in a remix tournament? Idk /shrug
Anyways, how do I rate this without being biased, since it's one of my fav Touhou arranges? :SekiThink:
I really like this song, it reminds me of some Silent Hill tracks, the one that especially comes to mind is "Alone in the Town", from Silent Hill 2.
I guess that it can get a bit repetitive, but to me, what I like to do with an ambient song is just put it in the background while drawing, or hanging out. There are rare time where I do put this to *actively* listen to it, and it's usually when it's snowing or like in 2 in the morning :KoishiXD:, so yeah.
It's a very nostalgic sound for me, ever since I knew about myself, I'd love songs that are like this.
Now to grade it... hm.
Well, as I'm trying to stay unbiased, and judge it as if it's my first time listening to it, I'd rate this one also an 8/10, or maybe an 8.5/10. It can get repetitive, like I said, but the sound and feeling is what matters to me the most.

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Number 1 Alice, Meiling and Youmu fan! jaooooooooo

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20 hours ago, CountVonNumenor said:

The original song sounds familiar, yet I still cannot recognize it - a little bit of help just like last time, please?

It's Ghostly Eyes (IN Stage 1) + Voyage 1969 (IN stage 6)

You're welcome :D

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Has anyone seen @Tenkko recently? If anyone has a a way to contact them, that would be appreciated.

Anyway, time for round 4:


C-CLAYS - Rest in Dark Night


Virus Key - 氷精たちの踊り

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmYw8oaTlQU (cries in no embed)


O-Life Japan - Dawn Sky of the Myouren Temple



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been buuuuuusy and i forgor sorry

7. Tsubaki - Artemis Wept

Ohhhh... screamo. It's something that I definitely need to be in the mood for, but I generally like it. Also really liked the intro building up to it, and the bells ringing throughout most of the songs are lovely. There's a nice contrast between the harsher, raw parts and the more melodic ones, it's really nice. Why is it so compressed though? It brings down the impact of it so much.


8. Lycoris - Hammersmith in the Sky

Found this one by chance a while ago. Greenwich in the Sky is a song I really really like, and most arrangements I heard manage to capture the energy of the original and build upon it. Including this one of course, I love it. The phased guitars, the solos, that organ god that organ mmMm. It's a style that fits really well with the song.

Dad rock 10/10

9. MA's ATTACK - Hartmann's Youkai Girl

"Sounds like something from a videogame", I was gonna say but I guess that's the point. Not VGM specifically but, I mean, ambient. Pretty interesting stuff, I kinda dig it tbh, though definitely not something you'd put on your playlist. I think if you remove that humming synth in the background you actually got a pretty chill beat in there.

There's someone behind me 7/10


I'll be on time for this round for sure 👌

Edited by Tenkko
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10: K2 SOUNDS - Rest in Dark Night
Unexpected Marisa rave!

Oriental Dark Flight is that one theme of Marisa that I always forget about; it's stunted progression structure gives it a darker tone, but makes its melody less memorable. As if in mockery of this perception of mine, this arrangement holds to the general idea of that progression structure and adjusts it slightly to achieve a much more impactful result. I'm hard pressed to settle on the specific strategies in use, beyond its creative instrumentation and transitions. Regardless, the result is a quite enjoyable piece with surprisingly balanced energy, considering its medium tempo. I found this piece "fun;" it neither invokes strong reaction nor fails to hold attention. I might wish it was slightly longer, but I can't reasonably tell where it would go from here (interlude, but no climax), so it's probably best as is. I feel like I should have more to say . . .

Doesn't build too much, but should stick with me nonetheless. 8/10

11: Virus Key - Dance of the Ice Spirits
Old orchestra in the distance.

To address the elephant in the room: This arrangement is really quiet! It's sufficiently balanced to avoid being annoying, but it's still a bit distracting. There was a remaster done in 2019 that's a bit better, but I'm unsure of what other changes might be present, so I'll stick to the original for now.

Many waltz remixes transpose the melody to 3/4 time, apply the standard accompaniment, and adjust as needed. This process is perfectly serviceable, but this arrangement goes a step further by committing itself to the classical style, and even including elements of baroque in the third quarter. The original motif is presented as a foundation upon which the piece proceeds to build, crafting new variations as it meanders pleasantly along. Eventually the variations travel so far as to almost sound like their own motifs, at which point the piece switches to the source's second motif, adjusted to be almost unrecognizable, and repeats the process. The return to the first motif is in the baroque style of flowing contrast in improv, creating an interlude for the final buildup of variations into the piece's climax.

This arrangement lacks progression in the modern sense, in that it does not continuously lead from its beginning to its end with an emotional idea. Instead, its progression is purely in musical exploration; each new direction is a consequent of the preceding parts, and it continues traveling until there's nowhere else worth going. For better or worst, this style of music is exceedingly rare today (or at least I don't encounter it).

An almost forgotten musical style in exemplary form; I only wish the volume was more reasonable. 10/10

12: O-Life Japan - Dawn Sky of the Myouren Temple
Cinematic proper.

Given the free way in which this arrangement utilizes its motifs, one might assume a similar style to the previous entry. However, where the classical waltz was built on its motifs, this piece develops its emotion with its motifs. Note how long it takes for the recognizable melody to be introduced, and consider the intention behind the arrangement's progression. The introduction is a slow, quiet buildup without a definite direction to go in, adding to itself without becoming anything specific; this is the rising dawn, before anyone is up or doing anything. Then everything cuts, and the main motif is introduced; now there is direction, and the buildup begins anew. The piece becomes more active without becoming energetic; this is the early morning, as people prepare for the days goals.

The term of "cinematic orchestra" is used most often nowadays to denote intensively climactic music (a readily available example would be CarrotWine's work), but this is only one application of the concept. Technically, film composing is an art of crafting musical scores in cohesion with accompanying visuals and the emotions that the film makers desire to invoke by them. In arrangements like this one, we get to see this art applied in a more free-form context.

A refreshing study and a beautiful journey in music. 9/10

Edited by Ken Hisuag
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10. C-CLAYS - Rest in Dark Night

I'm with Ken here in that I always forget about Oriental Dark Flight. Well maybe not that I forget about it, just that it's definitely the Marisa theme I like the least. But this is a fun arrangement nonetheless, I like how it moves from the very strong beat into something more melodic. It kinda reminds me of something from Plants vs. Zombies for some reason lol, it has a similar vibe. I like it!


11. Virus Key - 氷精たちの踊り

Oh more classical stuff. I don't really know enough to say anything meaningful about it, other than it was nice and it surprisingly fits Cirno's character very well. Waltzes are nice. Still not something I'd really seek out.


12. O-Life Japan - Dawn Sky of the Myouren Temple

A somewhat calm arrangement mostly based off that one part of Byakuren's theme huh. It feels like it tries to paint a picture, like I can see this going along a scene of the Myouren peeps going about their day, or morning as the title suggests. I like all the different directions it goes to, really makes it feel like a journey. Again not something particularly replayable, and a tad too upbeat for my taste (re: major key), but still I enjoyed it from beginning to end.


everything is just peachy tonsh.gif.0b4075faabf61d7265e5c3fea342964f.gif

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Yeah, I really think I am starting to have problems with either burnout or procrastination. Therefore, why I am so much less active in the past and sluggish with answering threads/writing new threads. However, now it is time to finally answer to this round:


C-CLAYS - Rest in Dark Night

This is the first time I am coming into contact with C-CLAYS or the "RnB" style of music. All I can say is that the song sounds energetic from the very beginning. And keeps that vibe all through it. I fail however to identify anything out of the original song that inspired this arrangement. And overall, it is not really something to write about, or come back for a second listening. Not bad, but... ehh? (EDIT: this was supposed to be based on Oriental Dark Flight? I did not really notice that. I mean ODF is not really a song I tend to think of often, or really place it too high even among the Marisa themes - to me, probably the two songs I tend to always associate her with would be Love-Colored Master Spark from IN and Vessel of Star ~ Casket of Star)

Overall, I will rate this song at 5.5/10


Virus Key - 氷精たちの踊り

Virus Key is yet another music group I am listening to for the first time (it seems like a lot of the stuff in this Remix Tournament are a "first time" for me...). Oh, symphonic arrangement for Cirno. This is already a good start. I like symphonic music for how relaxing it is to listen to, and I think it is quite a nice idea to combine it with Cirno's theme. A little silly idea, yet which works fantastically well. This is very entertaining, so I would probably give it quite a bit of praise.

At the end, I will probably give it a 9/10. Waltz is nice, I like that feeling of grace, elegance and grandeur it offers.


O-Life Japan - Dawn Sky of the Myouren Temple

This time, a group I have listened to in the past, and have a little bit of familiarity (even through probably 2-3 songs as of yet). This song, in the opening part, sure does have that "good morning" vibe, with everyone waking up. And then, there's the sudden Byakuren theme. Now everyone is up, ready to go for they usual daily business. It is quite a cute sounding song, with a lot of... how to define them... "sweet" instruments? Oh wait, that might just be the effect of symphonic music. Things just sound very well put together. 

In the end, I will probably give this a nice 8/10


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1.C-CLAYS - Rest in Dark Night
oh this one is on my my playlist, had contemplated whether to submit it in the tourney or not
who knows submitted this, it might even be me... i forgot...
im so tired of Master Spark, pls more Oriental Dark Flight.

regarding the rearrangements, this is an unique one, i haven't heard this style in other re-arrangements.
I still don't understand how to differentiate R&B genre.
maybe it the feels, it does feel a bit melancholic yet energetic.
overall very enjoyable.

8/10 would listen fully and repeat few times

2. Virus Key - 氷精たちの踊り
what should the title translation be? Dance of the Ice Faires?
It's still winter it counts.
Waltz are usually very nice, very elegant.
though i don't feel significant storytelling, just a smol litel fairy going around her days.

10/10, would repeat unknowingly for few hours
i think classical is either hit or miss for people.

3.O-Life Japan - Dawn Sky of the Myouren Temple
ah yes the generic flute for Morning Mood, but hey it works!
this one has more story to tell than the waltz before,
you can tell when everyone just woken up, then they started their activities and continue brimming with life.

yeah wont defeat the waltz, elegance is simply too beautiful.
9/10 would listen and repeat



oh btw i got new headphone! everything is much clearer now

the hi hats changed from "sh" to "tsk"
the kicks change from "db" to "dmm"
and more i can make out from vocal lyrics

my whole life i've been blind
or deaf!

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mob_suika-export.gif.6d8d97d0ef2df024e56271e49c363436.gif🍺 BEER FOR THE BEER GOD!!!🍺 mob_suika-export.gif.6d8d97d0ef2df024e56271e49c363436.gif

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Sorry for being late!!
1. C-CLAYS - Rest in Dark Night
..This is an Oriental Dark Flight arrangement? ODF is one of my fav Marisa themes, but this sure as hell didn't sound like ODF to me.
It's energetic, yes, but... Idk.. I don't like the style of it at all... And this is coming from someone who likes speedy music and stuff like that. This didn't resonate with me at all.

2. Virus Key - 氷精たちの踊り
Uuuoooh... I like this a lot hehe
I used to listen to a lot of classical music when I was little, so this feels quite nostalgic. I love waltzes in general, so this was a treat i should learn minute waltz by schopen still
Absolutely amazing, it's so nice and relaxing to listen to

3. O-Life Japan - Dawn Sky of the Myouren Temple
This one is also amazing, I already like O-Life Japan because of TLW, but this was just incredible. Upbeat, but magnificent, maybe just like Byakuren herself eh?
Anyways, another easy 10/10, I'm so entranced by this...

Number 1 Alice, Meiling and Youmu fan! jaooooooooo

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I have some news to deliver. @Shionne Imeris has informed they need to drop out of the tournament. I'm... not really sure what to do about this, we've never had a situation like this before. I will be keeping their music submissions within the tourney, though.

Speaking of which, we've made it to round 5!


EastNewSound - Cardiac Sound


MA.S ATTACK - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa



Noah - The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky



I've accidentally used a quote box instead of a spoiler box, but oh well.

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13: EastNewSound - cardiac sound
Familiar material.

Even though I've not heard this arrangement before, the style and structure are the same as plenty of other pieces I have heard. Similar to the case of Beautiful Diver at the beginning of the tournament, I'm finding it difficult to recognize something unique to this piece, something that differentiates it from other similar pieces in a way that allows me to identify with it. I don't normally struggle with this, and I have a suspicion I would have an easier time if I was more familiar with the technical aspects of this form of composition, the way I am with some other genres. Perhaps someone who already appreciates the genre for something unique to it is able to appreciate those elements in individual pieces? I'm not sure, and regardless I feel guilty for being unable to relate more strongly to the arrangement. There have been too many features in past tournaments that I didn't understand at the time, and came to appreciate more later; I'd rather express appreciation now when it's relevant, but I can't find anything to focus on (I'm not even sure I can identify the source motifs).

For now, the piece is just "alright;" no more, no less. 7/10

14: MA.S ATTACK - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa"
"Last time, on Touhou Ambience . . ."

Where the previous MA.S ATTACK remix was edging the line of "ambient music," I'd say this falls more on the other side. While there may be tonal elements present, the track is lacking anything that could be properly called a "melody;" there is no progression, and no specific emotion instilled. There is strong atmosphere, and this is what carries the "piece" through its duration. As such, I would hesitate to call this a remix, or even music at all, in favor of terms more closely descriptive of the production; "soundscape" comes to mind.

That being said, I rather enjoyed it. It may have been association with the artwork, but there was an impression of underwater exploration, as of an old shipwreck or cave; sounds are muted as though filtered through the water, and movement is slow but smooth. There's something soothing in these sorts of sounds; I've experienced similar things with a collection of "Hollow Knight ambiences" on Youtube (which also happen to sound very similar). So despite not considering this "music," I still appreciate it.

True ambience, but . . . 7.3/10

15: Noah - Capital City of Flowers in the Sky
Flamenco rock!?

Well, not really, but the comparison is there. This is exactly the hybrid style I love so much, capturing the intensity of symphonic metal while contrasting it with the serene quality of more traditional instruments. Granted, the hybrid part is more of a buildup into the quantitatively larger symphonic section, but it's strong enough to stand out, and strengthens the progression of the piece perfectly. Speaking of which, the progression of this arrangement is amazing! Each section builds upon the previous, increasing the stakes of the piece all the way to the end without any drops, keeping the same high energy throughout. I couldn't ask for more.

Spectacular! 10/10


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1. EastNewSound - Cardiac Sound
It does sounds like EastNewSound, their style signature written all over the music.
idk... it just what it is... maybe because i don't understand EDM.

The vocal, idk how but for me her voice sounds like a mix of Yaoshanbailing and Meramipop.

The lyrics doesn't really tell a story by itself, sure you will know what she's talking about if you already familiar with byakuren personality.
Nothing to comment really, everything just words of encouragement.

6/10 it is a rearrangement yes. lack of 'wow' factor

2. MA.S ATTACK - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa

I'm having a hard time listening to this
it's either i fell asleep or simply zoned out, i cant seem to focus on this track.
i managed to catch some of the re-arranged theme but i think i missed lot of it.

yeah... i have nothing to comment on, it is just ambient mostly.

for the sake of making this post looks long
id say the ripples in the background reminds me of a very slowed down version of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie no.1.

5/10 i wouldn't realize this was playing nor i'll choose this in a playlist

3. Noah - The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky
such a tangent from the previous one, i know the title and thumbnail says what's in it, but my ears wasn't ready.

ooh upbeat Latin.. flamenco? yes flamenco, missing the clicks and shouts, which makes it just.. Latin...
i wouldn't say it's a breakthrough with Capital of Flowers since it is the perfect for latin vibes, but either way i love the theme.
welp it was short but nice.

slightly repetitive, but maybe it's because the nature of the original theme hmmmmm...
and is it me or the track gaining more intensity the longer it goes? huh...must've been the wind...

8.5/10 really good

I'm a bit picky today eh?

mob_suika-export.gif.6d8d97d0ef2df024e56271e49c363436.gif🍺 BEER FOR THE BEER GOD!!!🍺 mob_suika-export.gif.6d8d97d0ef2df024e56271e49c363436.gif

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Alright, time to get through this round as well...


EastNewSound - Cardiac Sound

EastNewSound... it sure has been quite a long time since I have last listened to a song of theirs. I was trying to focus on the song as much as I could, but I think I have failed. I am not even so sure what was moe remarkable in here, or if there was anything remarkable to begin with. I guess it was an OK song, lacking anything too "wow" or which makes me want to listen to it again.

Overall, it is probably a 6/10


MA.S ATTACK - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa

Alright, before anything, I have to say that I am not familiar with MA.S ATTACK (kind of a recurring theme with me through the Remix Tournament). Oh wow, 10 minutes long? It has such a slow start, almost like ambient music. It sure does not help being late in the evening, but just like Drunken said before me, this song gives you the feel you are going to fall asleep. Which is not what I am looking for right now. The more the I go, the harder it becomes for me to keep my focus on the song. Trying to jump 15 by 15 seconds, it just does not cease being purely ambient. But in the last quarter, you can finally hear something else, a vague tone of what the original song used to be. But that's about it. Nothing more, nothin else. Probably a track I could put as background noise when playing Half-Life out of anything...

I would probably give this a 5/10


Noah - The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky

Oh, it's been a long time since I last made contact with the PCB stage 4 stage theme. And it already has as strong start. As of now, already a better start than the previous two songs. I like the guitar, that one is for sure. This one is already quite entertaining, and sounds like a good battle theme for a game. Out of this round, I think is the best song by far. I am not familiar with this Noah as an artist, but I think it got my interest for checking out other arrangements. 

As for the final grade, I think I will give it a 9.5/10


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