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What Touhou character do you consider to be underrepresented?


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On 8/6/2022 at 5:31 AM, CountVonNumenor said:

Like I promised. here is the reverse-engineered tier list:


Thank you, much appreciated😊

This also provides some insight into the progression of Touhou games, at first they were pretty much just barebones, as long as there was a solid game with a simple and understandable plot, it was already good to go, no further details needed, but as the games progressed ZUN also began building his own intricate universe with complete with back stories, mysteries, context, lore, and much more. Also I remember reading something about ZUN being a Shin Megami Tensei fan, so Sariel basically being an SMT boss ripped straight from Nocturne or something, and plopped right into Touhou as the final boss makes sense to me. 

Just take a look at SMT Lucifer and Metatron, and compare them to Sariel. 


download (1).jpeg




I even heard that Shinki is straight up supposed to be a reference to SMT Lucifer, so if everything else has a Touhou reference in it, then Touhou instead has an SMT reference in it lol, and later on as I've said Touhou evolved more into it's own thing with characters and the background becoming more and more fleshed out and original. images (2).jpeg

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