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Talk of the town for 61e 8


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Hello 61e bros, I hope you are all doing well.

Its for my talk of the town for 61e. If you were wondering, everything is going well for me, I had my birthday a while ago and the 61e made an epic birthday card for me. I am going to post it so everyone can see it.

Special thanks to all the bros that signed the birthday card:


RealFinalCard.pngWhat can I say bros, the card is HIGH in soul


Anyway bros, time for some 61e NEWS



Europe got another training done this week which is a good sign that trainings can start to become a thing again in Europe. Queen told me attendance was about +12 volunteers to the training. I think this is fucking good news, its no secret that our melee in EU is not the best and trainings like this are the best way to increase our XP and be able to fight it out better against the other regs. The EU company has been growing alot so something like this is really important for the wellbeing of the regiment.

So shoutout to my bros Queen and Scythep for working so hard to get those trainings done ?



It seems that BCOF in asia was not a success and that many BCOF regiments in asia are planning or have already returned to NW. It seems this is mainly due to the fact that th game really didnt seem to gain much traction in the Asian community. Am I surprised to hear this? No, I am not. In fact, I always knew that China/Asia in BCOF would only be a temporary thing for the following reasons.

1) intensive specs - basically, NW is an easy to run, and BCOF is not as easy

2) Niche era - From my experience, the civil war era was never really an era that anyone in the NW chinese community really seemed to care about so much.

3) The regiments that planend to move to BCOF (most of them) were regiments were sprunged up out of nowhere - Many regiments tend to lose steam and fail after their release, and alot of the NCOs of regs that sprang up to play BCOF realized they stopped playing the game because they are tired of this genre and then proceeded to lose interest.



Unfortunately bros, I have decided to cancel the Thursday Trench battle event which is something that you may have not heard about yet. It is a decision I decied to do realizing that i ti is not worth it honestly to continue trying to run all the NA events by mself, perhaps if someone is willing to host another event besides the 61e in NA - NW then perhaps we could be down to assis them in this endeavour, but at least for now it seems like we will not be hosting anymore NA - NW events for the time being.


After playing the Tues, Wed, and Thursday Events (Wed and Thurs being public). I have decided tht the 61e should def stick more to the public events scene than to private events. They are a great way to find recruits and are way more fun that the private events. In the pirvate events, people just stay in the back of the map and shoot each other 100m from each other. At least in the public events, people are willing to get close and fiht it out. I feel many 61ebros agree with me on this as well.

I still havent decided if we will only be doing public events for HF, but it does seem likely that the majority of the HF events we will be doing for the foreseeable future will be public.


61e Curator-

Some new art by a fellow 61e bro Questman





This picture really made me lol, very relatable picture. However, I do gotta say that I think Koishi would have been a lot more fitting for this picture. As someone who interns for le weed industry, I must say I approve with this picture


Anyway bros, thats I have to say for today, thank you all for reading my issue and also

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERUMBRAS. May 17th my boy had his birthday and I wish him a good year. Sorry for the late post my bro.


Until then, 61e bros.

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