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Talk of the town for 61e 7


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BEFORE I BEGIN I WOULD LIKE TO WISH A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BRO ARLO. Arlo I love you bro and its always a blast gaming with you dude, I hope the 13th continue to do well and I hope you have an epic 23rd year. You know dude we have a bday 2 days apart, this is like ancient lore that we secretly are like bros... What if the docotrs got our bdays wrong and we were actually both born in May 14th....


Hey 61e bros, I hope you are all doing well. I got good news to all of you.... Its my birthday soon... yup bros, 1 year older. If you want to really think about, its going to be my 7th year since I became colonel of the 61e for the first time. Time really does fly huh. Unfortunately I don't celebrate my bday anymore, but if you happen to see this post. To all my bros, pls dont buy me any gifts if you see this, the fact youre my bro is already a good enough gift.

Enough about me, we just did our second Holdfast event today. So we have done 2 Holdfast events so far, a public Holdfast event and a private Holdfast event. If you were to ask me, I honestly thought the pubic holdfast event was way more fun, regiments were much more aggressive and they were much willing to get into combat to fight i out against the enemy team. Meanwhile the second event was more of a sniper event. I felt like we weren't doing much in that event besides shooting 100 meters away from eachother only waiting for the admin to announce all charge. Maybe this is how Holdfast typically works in the private event scene? Its too soon to tell.

Apart from that though, I have been training my cavalry skills in the public scene. Sergio has a lot of reddit DNA so he was able to help me train cav in Holdfast very well. I think Sergio might be a natural at Holdfast cav, maybe he can use this to compensate for NW cav skill. I wont lie though, Sergio really had to teach a few moves at Holdfast cav, thats how lost I was. Now I feel good playing it, the trick is you really have to get good at timing your wings but because of that i feel that people who wish to play cav with +100 ping are really at a disadvntage since timing with ping over 100 just fucking sucks balls.


We did the Trench battle event Last Thursday, it was as normal as it typically was. I got to meet again my good bro Bjurn. I am glad to se the EU company is still doing well even despite the issues happening in NA NW. It makes me confident that NW still has a lot of potential as a game that can stay alive until 2025 if need be given that banner-lord private servers dont come out by then. Will they come out by then? I dont know and I think we will probably never know.

Questly Art




Dude, this picture I think is one of Questly's best so far. This one is really awesome, I honestly feel like I am there with Kaguya with this picture. Does that sound silly? Maybe so, but I really think this one fucking rules. The detail of the mess and the how relatable Kaguya is to a NEET IRL is awesome. The Cup noodles, the monsters, the bags of trash everywhere.... its amazing!

Something I gotta say that I find really cute and adorable about this Kaguya is. Okay before I say it, I know this might seem a bit weird, but Kaguya kind of gives me the cute monkey feel. I am not sure how to say it, but the ears that Kaguya has really does give me the feeling that Kaguya is also something of an imp princess. Is that strange? Maybe so, but I really dig and even if questly didnt mean to do this, this is something I really like about the drawing.


To this I gotta give this a 9.69/10!!!!


That is all I have to say for now bros, I hope everyone here has an epic 61e day

until then



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