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Talk of the town for 61e 6


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Hey bros, I hope you all had a good mothers day with your mamas. I celebrated mine a day later because my sister just came back from out of town. What did I get for my mother? Energy drinks. Yeah I know you are probably looking at me like I am some freak, but my mom is a big fan of the Alani nu energy drinks. If you don't know what Alani nu is, theyre a company that produces energy drinks marketing primarily for women. However, if you look into it, there is not much difference form the alani nu to something like the regular Red bull I would say. I would say its mostly a gimmick, but I do gotta say the drinks are pretty decent over all. If I do have to drink energy drinks myself though, I usually stick to the ZOA energy drinks. GNC had some good energy drinks that were first brand but they always fail and never last that long. 


If you guys havent heard yet, the 61e is now also starting to play Holdfast so we have been getting the regiment to get better acquainted to the game. The 61e used to play holdfast back in 2017, but we decided to drop from it and return to NW because the game just was not very well made at all upon its release. Now the game works id say 95% better. If you had to ask me which of the two games are better, hands down its Warband: Napoleonic Wars and anyone who has +100 hours at both games will most likely agree with me. But alas, all the zoomers want to play Holdfast and that is where we will have to ALSO play if we want to keep the reg going well.

So we recently made the regiment and unit for the Holdfast game. Before we can really start to advertise our regiment it seems, we will have to increase the levels of our regiment via getting XP at the public servers. Honestly, I am mixed about this XP system, at one hand I can see it as a good way to encourage people to play on the public servers but on the otherhand I think it ruins it for private servers to compete with public servers since only public servers are able to give out XP to players basically making it so private servers have no utility in the eyes of XP. 



After talking a bit with Jcor, he said that it does not seem to be an entirely bad idea to also trying playing Holdfast for the OC region as well. We might try a few events then just to see how it goes and if its worth it or not. On the other hand, the new admins at the Chinese Event are seeming a lot more willing to just give me admin which makes life a lot easier for us to just make sure new recruits dont shit up the chat as some think its epic to do.

For EU, there has been an interesting development in the 61e. We have recently got a recruit from Africa. Now recruits from Africa are nothing surprising, we have gotten recruits from Egypt Algeria Morroco and so on tons of times; however, this recruit is not from North Africa and not from South Africa. This recruit is from Nigeria! To many of you guys, you might be thinking "wow macbeth, but who gives a shit?" Well perhaps this could be a signal of something. There is a whole continent out there called Africa, but due to economic factors and distance, it is difficult to play games and get in contact with the sub saharan population through the internet. I have always wondered if this will be a thing of the past and we will see Africans playing games with us everywhere. I believe its only a matter of time before this is the case and I believe getting a recruit from Nigeria is just a hint of whats to come in the future. However, I could be wrong, Napoleonic era videogames could just be a genre that doesn't and will never interest Africans but maybe one day we will all be proven wrong. 




61e OC

Besides the Holdfast shit, a group of drawers in the 61e have appeared, They are the russian duo of Vl.Al.SH.MO and yuri. They have bother in the regiment for a while despite yuri formally joining the discord server today. However, they have been starting to post more of their art. Their art style consists of a anime-military-uniform aesthetic. Some of the drawings they made are really good and theyre interesting to see. I am going to leave a link to their deviant art if anyone wants to give it a checkout. https://www.deviantart.com/asya42vlalshmo



Here is the next pic of Questman's. So he did a drawing of a cosplay about a girl called shimakazuokeaioj I dont remmeber the name unfortunately. I am guessing its a girl from an anime cuz I got no clue whats it about to be quite honest with you bros. But I have seen ppl post pics of the girl before. Anyway, my opinion of the drawing is that its alright. Its honestly not rly my thing if I am going to be honest about it. Has anyone else realized how skimpy this girl's dress is though? 


Thats all I have to say for today bros, thank you for reading and like I always say. Feel free to make your own blogs or feel free to write a reply about your thoughts bros.

Until then.

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