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Talk of the town for 61e 4


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Hey bros, I wanted to do a blogpost before the day ended so here I am going to yap away. Tomorrow we will be doing events again in the 61e and I cant wait bros. Tomorrows events will be the standard Trench battles. We will do one trench battle 2pm EST for the EU and then 8pm EST for the NA one.

Back a while ago, we used to have the first event of the week every Wednesday but ever since the 3e left to BCOF, this hasn't been the case for a while. Cuz of this, now we got 3 days of no events which in one hand can be nice to give me more time to do whatever I want like program some shitty programs and then play with my excel sheets. It does give me more time to do stuff like go outside as well and go for a run or play some football with some bros I got IRL but around this time, I will start getting the "itch".  The itch to wanna play some more motherfuckig napo.

Honestly, I know most regiments only have their regs do 3 events a week but I honestly feel we need to do more events per week, especially in NA. At the moment only two events are being hosted in NA which are both being ran by us Thursday and Sundays. I really cant stress enough how important these events have been to keeping NA alive in NW and keeping the 61e active in NA NW. Overall these events have been pretty successful but I still feel that we need to get one more event going. My guess is that the best day for this event could be hosted during Friday. However, hosing events now in NA has become rather difficult. Technically, the amount of Regiments in NA ahs not decreased that much, but the scale of each of these regiments have decreased a lot and their numbers will vary a shitton. For example, back in 2021, I believe the standard a regiment would bring would be around 10-12 or so. Now if you see a regiment with 7 people in their line, that is a regiment having a good day.

What is the solution? Well I dont know, its a tough situation in NA and I dont believe NA can get anyway without working together with SA (and vice versa). This is why I have been considering to maybe try some Holdfast events. Holdfast is a pretty cheap game now its actually roughly very close to the price you get Warband+NW at G2A. However, it would be a big decision to really go play 2 games at once in NA although I do believe people would not be so against just playing both games.

But maybe it could too late to do this move? I know Bannerlord has just released more custom servers to several eople and it really is starting to look like theyre getting closer to finally alowing everyone to make pirvate servers. If this does happen, thisll be real big news for us for we can finally move everything to Bannerlord and play there (obviously itll be more of a transition than a full on move).

Let me know what you think bros through DMs or here, should we try playing some Holdfast alongside NW or forget such ideas and try to continue playing NW until Bannerlord comes out with private servers?

Also Questman also recently uploaded some pixel art




Questman wrote that he recently rewatched lain. And I can tell you that this is true because I watched the anime with him and some other 61ebros. @Oppenheimer and @QueenElizabethII were there as well while we were watching the anime. Bros, I'll be honest, I thought the anime kind of sucked but Questman seemed to like it. Nothing in the anime made sense for me. If you asked me whats my favorite anime, I would say Reimu's Distillery is a classic despite it not being an anime and just an MMD. I think its absolutely soul and I love it.


Despite my negative opinion of lain the aime, I gotta say the pixel art is pretty good, but I think there needs to be more background. When I think of a modern day lain's room, I want to imagine a dirty keyboard, energy drinks everywhere and and maybe unwashed clothing all over the floor. Why is this the case? Well a real life lain would actually be a dirty slob and I think it would be more relatable. Dont look at me like that, I promise I clean my room just how Jordan Peterson tells me to but how am I supposed to believe that lain doesnt keep her room clean?

Well thats all I had to say for now, until then bros.

P.S I should mention Questman also does requests. Doesnt hurt to ask if he will draw something you might like.

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