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What Is Your Favorite Video Game Character Of All Time?

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I don't play many other games other than touhou but I got interested in Riichi Mahjong due to a certain touhou fanmade manga. So my favourite character outside of touhou is Nikaidou Miki from Mahjong Soul. I'm also interested about Hina Momo from the same game because she's another Alice in Wonderland reference. Man, we have lots of Alice in Wonderland references, hm?


On 5/2/2022 at 12:12 PM, A294 said:

Evil Eye Sigma from touhou, I dont know if you guys know that game

quite bold of you to assume that I don't know the PC98 characters.

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i dont really have a favorite but the first one to come to mind was james sunderland of silent hill 2. I love flawed and human feeling characters, even if it might be to the point that they are a villain.

gael is also a very cool character, i love how despite being basically a nobody he outlived everyone else and was the last battle of dark souls.

i like every single touhou project character


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