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Trying to find a lost song again...(Lunar Dial vocal)

Gensokian Loser

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I am back! With another song I am trying to locate because it was yeeted off the face of Youtube!
It's based off of Lunar Dial, although it's one of those tracks that really only has a hint of the original track. It had some heavy rock, like electric guitars (I know, like every Lunar Dial cover) although it was not a heavy rock track I would say. The intro had like, maybe harpichord(I think?? I'm rubbish at recognising instruments).

It might have had the word "mine" in the title, I seem to recall. Some word like that.

I'm sorry it's a terrible, not very distinct description. It was a good track though TT_TT

I really should start downloading songs to avoid these issues...

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