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Three Fairies' Hoppin' Flappin' Great Journey!

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Release Information
Type: RPG
Developer: yomogi_soft
Publisher: Phoenixx Inc.
Release: 27 august 2021
Language: English

AKA: 三妖精のぴょこぴょこ討伐大作戦!


The feeblest bunch in all of Gensokyo are now our heroes?!
Hoppin' & flappin' Touhou spin-off RPG starred by the trio of Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire!

In the fantastical land of Gensokyo there is a school for the fairies.
One year ago, Cirno, hoping to avoid being held back for the 9th year in a row, launched an all-out attack on the fairies as they tried to enjoy a relaxing spring break…
Now Star Sapphire, the only one who ended up bearing the brunt of the attack, is devising a plan to get back at her!

But unfortunately, these fairies aren't exactly masters of fixing up plans...
This story follows the fairy trio on their haphazard, slapstick quest for revenge!

The characters hop their way through isometric fields and flap their way through battle.
But this isn't the cozy little RPG you think it is!

The fairies are dumb in-battle, leaving you in charge of the carefully crafted "Tactics System" to plan their way to victory!
Features over 35 characters!
Over 50 hours of expected play time!
Over 500 achievements to unlock! This is no teeny little game, it's jam-packed with content! It's an RPG that will keep you hooked and looking for more!

~The "Tactics System"~
The tactics system puts you in control,
taking charge of the doltish fairies and whipping up intricate tactics to see them swiftly and joyfully through battle!

If (in which circumstances) → to WHO → do WHAT
Build your tactics with these components ahead of time and the characters will automatically follow your plan.
(Ex. If HP<50% → target ally with lowest HP → heal)

Your foes also act according to their own tactics.
Use Star Sapphire's ability to sneak a peek at these tactics and work out counter-tactics to hit them where it hurts!
(This is a bit too complicated for the little fairies, so all the tactics planning is in your hands!)

The game's Steam page (please buy it if you can): 

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On 4/11/2022 at 4:48 PM, Tenshisad said:

whenever I try to download it, it seems to just refuse to load the page and download it

small update: Antivirus being bad, but now Chrome is claiming that the file is dangerous, can anyone confirm if it's safe or not?

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@Tenshisad Turns out if was DARKSiDERS cracktro. 
DARKSiDERS being the group that cracked the game and the cracktro being a file that plays music and an animation on your screen. Seems like it triggers several scanners due to the way it was made.

Anyways, the cracktro has been removed and the Virustotal scan only shows 1 engine (MaxSecure) out of 61 complaining about the uploaded game instead of the previous 27/58

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