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About This File

Developer: SAS

Language: English

Itch.io: https://sas.itch.io/aero-chimera

--- CONTROLS ---

Z - Shoot
X - Bomb
Shift - Focus ( alternate firemode, slower movement speed )

Other useful buttons:
P/ESC - Pause
Left ctrl- Increase framerate during replays
Left shift - Hold to enable boss-training in practice-menu.
1,2,3 - Hotkeys to switch difficulty level in menu

--- SCORING ---

Scoring system operates on four fronts.

When aerial enemy is killed, it has chance of dropping a medal. Each collected medal increases score and increases value of
next medal to drop. The maximum points you can get from a single medal is 20 000 pts. However, each medal that falls to bottom 
of the screen resets the chain, returning the yield of the medal to minimum - however, skilled players can save chains with 
clever actions.

Each time you annihilate an enemy, you will be granted a multiplier depending on your proximity to the enemy during destruction.
This ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being right on top of the enemy. This multiplier is then applied to base score of the enemy. 
It applies to bosses as well! You should look into opportunities for getting near and destroying the boss at opportunate moment, 
even if it demands wrecking your ship!

There are various targets which can be bombed for increased score-gain. Such might be background objects carefully hidden or enemy
units! It is recommended to experiment - on some targets, the carpet bomb doesn't grant the score bonus!

Each time you destroy enemy, you will gain a short chain. Each chained enemy grants increasing amount of points, capping at 2000.
While chaining whole stages is not as feasible as in some other shooters, you should look into doing short chains as they can sometimes
grant a noticeable score gain.

Thanks sukisuki12 for supplying the file.

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