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Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity ~ Original Soundtrack (PS4 Edition)

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About This File

Circle: Hachimitsu Lemon

Year:  2016

Track Count: Total 35
- Disc 1: 18
- Disc 2: 17

Track List:
Disc 1:

  1. Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity
  2. Crimson Afterglow
  3. Those Beyond the Fog
  4. The Three Fairies of Light's Visit
  5. I Would Like to Drink Some Tea
  6. Gripping the Useless Newspaper
  7. The Path Through the Bamboo Forest
  8. Sumeru Burns with Fireflies
  9. Hexagonal Stone Cage
  10. Human Sanctuary
  11. The Crimson Watchguard
  12. Great, Fantastic Waterfall
  13. The Silent Secondhand Shop in the Noon
  14. Midnight Curio Shop
  15. Simple Minded, Bothersome and Great Youkai
  16. The Mysterious Forest
  17. Puppeteer of the Forest of Magic
  18. Mononoke of War

Disc 2:

  1. Sunlight Filtering through the Fairy Forest
  2. Gensokyo Atmosphere
  3. Fires of Hell
  4. Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame
  5. Laissez-faire Youkai Castle
  6. The Lonely Maiden in the Mansion
  7. The Bridge Connecting to the Truth
  8. River Child Factory
  9. Nuclear Jager
  10. Demon VS Demon
  11. Elegant and the Winner
  12. Cheerful Summer Festival
  13. A Crimson Stained Late Summer
  14. The Secret Underground Labyrinth
  15. The Secret Labyrinth's Crafty Girl
  16. Forbidden Scarlet Curiosity
  17. Shining Gensokyo


File provided by: @Ken Hisuag

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