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Seihou 3: Banshiryuu 1.0.0

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Look, there are three versions, C67, C74 and demo
C67: The dialogue between easy and normal is different from C74, and the plot is different from C74 (?) There is no extra stage in C67
C74: Full version The latest version (2021年5月30日 07 06 11 0800) is this. There is an extra stage
Demo: If you just want to try the 瞬殺サレ道? game, you can play this version (only the first three levels can be played)

you can buy it on DLsite(Japanese online store):https://www.dlsite.com/home/work/=/product_id/RJ101418.html

and their 薄い本(It looks like it should be a set of characters or something) also on DLsite(I don't have this. Sorry):https://www.dlsite.com/home/work/=/product_id/RJ231327.html

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


upload some screenshot 


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if easy mode is about the difficulty of an average touhou game on lunatic mode then what's the hardest mode like on this game

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