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Touhou Kaisendo 6 ~ Infinite Blade Pavilion OST

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About This File

Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu)

Developer: Len

Release: 6 September 2020

Track Count: 18

Track List: 

  1. A Brilliantly-Colored Waking Dream
  2. Gather and Sing in the Scarlet Dawn
  3. Six Poetry Immortals of Old ~Love letter from
  4. Pierce Through the Raging Winds
  5. Flying Izuna of the Unblowing Temple
  6. Dance in the Darkness, Falling Stone Cherry Blossoms
  7. Thoroughbred of Shadow-Severing Speed
  8. A Mausoleum as Vast as a Garan Temple ~ Hollow Mansion
  9. Starve Calamity
  10. Tatara the Furnace
  11. Legend of Kikyouzuka ~ Black Ventus
  12. Steel is Born from Flame, and Returns to the Earth
  13. Rebel of the Warlord's Five Weapons ~ REBELLION Force
  14. Ley Lines of the Underworld
  15. Meridian-Splitting Reverse Scale ~ Dragon's Dream
  16. Fortune Arrives With an Oni In, Too
  17. Oktoberfest in Naraka
  18. Player's Score

File provided by @Ken Hisuag

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