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Touhou 18 - Unconnected Marketeers (Trial) v0.02a

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About This File

Release Information
Type: Bullet Hell
Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice
Release: March 21, 2021
Language: Japanese

Character Information
Playable Characters: 4 (Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, Sakuya)




Steam Release
The Trial is also available (starting March 22 March 23) on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1566410/

What's New in Version v0.02a


- Applied the new patch v.0.02a
- Updated the virustotal scan
- removed the directx folder to make the archive around 100MB smaller and because people always need to be told to install directx no matter if it's already in the archive or not.

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this should be in the 4th generation of windows games

mostly because the engine looks updated and stuff

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1 hour ago, Gabrielnyo said:

What do I do with this error? It doesent let me play


I think you just have to install DirectX and it should work

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I have no heckin' idea what's happening in game BUT this is pog.
I can't wait for the English patched game, I wanna know what these cards are about.

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Every time I download the game, I try to open it and it ends up deleting itself. I even added the updated patch too. Any ideas how to fix this?

But pog anyways!

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22 minutes ago, swiftypup0 said:


Uh, so can someone help me please?

oh hey what do you know adding 100MB DX folder won't help normal people
open the cabs with those names in the directx folder

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