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Type: Shooting Game (Danmakufu)

Publisher: Team Dreamcatcher

Release: 23 June, 2017

Track Count: 27

Track List:

  1. Gale of the Sky ~ Thunder Roars
  2. Fairy Swarm ~ Endless Paradise
  3. Lunatic Rabbit ~ Red Alert
  4. Fliht Over the forest ~ Condensed Wilderness
  5. Fire Spirit of the Forest ~ First Ignition
  6. Peaceful Tribulation ~ Over the Garden
  7. Sakura radiance ~ Blooming Elegance
  8. Melancholy of the Cloud-Painted Sky
  9. Arcing Fault ~ Reaching the Flash boundary
  10. Where the Stars Fall
  11. Jewel of the Flashing Scales
  12. Cyclone of the Space
  13. Tengu's Cyclone of the Sky
  14. Power of the Shattering Sky
  15. Pieces of the Sky
  16. Tranquility of the Storm's Eye
  17. Down the Familiar Path of Dusk
  18. Lingering Light ~ Magician's
  19. Along the Path of Darkness
  20. Void of Light ~ Magician's Requiem
  21. Last Tears of the Cloud-Painted Sky
  22. From Earth to Heaven
  23. Tenacity of the Youthful Divinity
  24. Innocent Treasures (SR Ver.)
  25. Innocent Treasures (Abner's Piano Ver.)
  26. Maiden's Danmaku Festival
  27. Players Score

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