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Fantasy Kaleioscope ~ Memories of Phantasm 5: The Eternal Night Incident, Vol. 1 1.0.0

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About This File

Circle: Yuuhei Satellite

Production Date: 2018

Release Date: 2019

Track List:
01. Secret Burial
02. Ephemeral, Mahoroba of Sadness (OP ver.)
03. False Moon
04. Disturbing Smile
05. Full Moon
06. Full Moon in the Moonlit Night
07. Road to the Gate
08. Discipline
09. Bamboo Forest of the Lost
10. Light and Smoke
11. Unexpected Reunion
12. Doubt
13. Facts and Speculation
14. Upheaval
15. (Girls are Resting ~ moon)
16. Orders
17. Glowing Sparks
18. House of Truth
19. The Form of Unsympathetic Love (ED ver.)
20. Record of Illusion
21. Resurgence
22. Eientei
23. Omen
24. Moon Rabbit's Game
25. Kaguya
26. Moon Rabbit's Illusion
27. Fake Passage
28. Blind Justice
29. Lunar Insanity
30. Trump Card
31. Rōkanken
32. Fast Moving Storm
33. Descisive Battle
34. Cradle of Hesitation (ED ver.)
35. Ephemeral, Mahoroba of Sadness (FULL ver.)
36. The Form of Unsympathetic Love (FULL ver.)
37. Cradle of Hesitation (FULL ver.)


Tracks 30 and 33 end suddenly for reasons beyond my control.

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