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Fantasy Kaleioscope ~ Memories of Phantasm 3: The Flower Incident 1.0.0

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About This File

Circle: Yuuhei Satellite

Production Date: 2015

Release Date: 2019

Track List:
01. Brilliant Flowers
02. The Beauty Of Nature (OP ver.)
03. The Looming White Umbrella
04. Spring Scenery
05. The Determined Journalist
06. Higan Tour
07. Flower Decoration
08. The Discouraged Journalist
09. Toxic and Nontoxic
10. Counterattack
11. The Depressed Journalist
12. Under the Moon
13. Flower Flower
14. Panic
15. Enma's Eyes
16. Hidden Among these Leaves (ED ver.)
17. Tengu-Style Journalism
18. Deaf to All but the Song
19. Enma's Sermon
20. The Roaming Detective
21. Another Plan
22. New Victim
23. Until the Sun Rises
24. Glimmer
25. The Gensokyo the Girl Saw
26. A Shadow Approaches Everyday
27. Attack
28. This World's Melody
29. Lead by the Spirits (ED ver.)
30. Moriya Conspiracy
31. The Beauty of Nature (FULL ver.)
32. Hidden Among these Leaves (FULL ver.)
33. Lead by the Spirits (FULL ver.)

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