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Fantasy Kaleioscope ~ Memories of Phantasm 2: The Scarlet Mist Incident, Vol. 1 1.0.0

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About This File

Circle: Yuuhei Satellite

Production Date: 2013

Release Date: 2015

Track List:
01. Youkai Feast
02. Clouds over the Moon, Wind over the Flowers (OP ver.)
03. Scarlet Gatherings
04. Violet Note
05. Icicle Fall
06. X Alice
07. Rolling Cirno
08. Falling Down
09. Coffin
10. Imprisoned Sister
11. Imprisoned Girl
12. Locked Magic
13. Alone in Silence (ED ver.)
14. Weekly Gathering Cloud of Shonen
15. Yukari's Fantasia
16. Roundabout-Mi a
17. Beautiful Mansion
18. Memory of Love
19. Clouds over the Moon, Wind over the Flowers (FULL ver.)
20. Alone in Silence (FULL ver.)
21. Youkai Feast ~ Extended
22. Scarlet Gatherings ~ Extended
23. Tomboy Trio
24. Coffin ~ Extended
25. Yukari's Fantasia ~ Extended

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