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Bullet Report  

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About This File

Release Information
Type: Action/Adventure
Developer: AQUASTYLE
Publisher: AQUASTYLE
Release: Comiket 84, August 12, 2013
Language: Japanese
Default Controls
Directional Arrows: Basic Movement
[Z]: Dash
(Only works when in motion)
[X]: Jump / B button
[C]: Combo (Tap Repeatedly)
[V]: Power Kick
(Deal more than twice your damage and launch the enemies far away from your position)
[A]: L1 / Summon Momiji (Attacks many enemies at once but does little damage)
[Q]: R1 / Graze
[W]: R2 / Teleport
Enter: Pause
Space: Select
(It's recommended that you get gamepad due to the sheer number of and difficulty of key setup.)

The Storyline
    Aya is yet again looking for material to write about in her newspaper, and an incident came with good timing too.

    There seems to be a very peculiar incident where a plant-based epidemic has spread across much of the Youkai Mountain, and it appears that the only one to put a stop to the regional incident at the time was Momiji. Of course, she wouldn't stand a chance against an entire legion, so (with a little convincing) she recruited Aya to help resolve this fairly large incident.

The Mechanics of this Game
    With little more than your skill and judgement to rely on during most of the game, you must punch, super kick, dash, and jolt your way to the final boss and to a proper victory. (Like any proper rogue-like game)

    Each stage has specific target enemies that must be dealt with in order to complete, and the stage will continue for so long as you and your target/s are both alive.

Stat Upgrades
(In order within the in-game menu)
   HP: How much raw damage you can take before going "pii-chun~"
   HP Recovery: The amount of hitpoints you recover by consuming dropped food items from enemies.
   Attack Power: Determines your basic combo and mega kick damage.
   Defense: Reduces damage by a certain amount
   Assist Power: Determines Momiji's screen-clearing damage.
   Stamina Recovery: Determines how quickly you regain stamina for special attacks, maneuvers, and support calls.
   Innate Effect: While not a purchasable upgrade to Aya, this section allows you to choose the perk that makes Aya a tougher or more dangerous nut to crack.

Innates can vary from simple stat modifiers to unique effects such as knockback immunity.

   Not much is known about these stage achievements, but accomplishing any one of them will reward you with extra points for upgrades, various perks, and things that have yet to be identified.

   Don't even wonder anymore. Sanae is a randomly appearing and ever wandering super-boss who deals monster damage and is after you in particular. Unlike any other enemy in the game, she rewards you with points proportionate to the amount of damage  you deal to her and doesn't need her to be defeated in order to gain.

   Don't be too happy with this though, as she is more powerful than what you would ever think. Without full stat upgrades, you'll be swatted dead before coming close.

   Do note that by defeating her, you permanently disable her ability to randomly appear in any stage and instead unlock her hidden stage. In this stage, she will be exponentially stronger, will NOT reward you on hit, and you must defeat her in order to gain anything out of this hectic duel.

What's New in Version     See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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