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Len'en 4 ~ Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle (OST)

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About This File

Artist: JynX

Year:  2016/12/01

Track Count: 54

Track List:

  1. War Record of Heaven & Shadow ~ Playing soldiers
  2. Suddenly-Opened Cannon Lid ~ Slow Starter
  3. Nightmare Syndrome
  4. Scatter, O Flowers ~ Consumed with JEALOUSY
  5. Made in Black ~ Double Snake
  6. The Water Dyed in Crimson ~DYE~
  7. Advance Now on the Roads of Humans, the Roads of Youkai
  8. Emperor Road ~ So cute
  9. The Youkai Hang Their Heads in Malaise ~ Outbreak
  10. Slug Agent
  11. Blue Storm ~ Plastic Vortex
  12. Act the Fool ~ HAHAHA
  13. Let's 'n Go ~ to run away
  14. Today the Straits Are Merely Calm Once More
  15. Killing Superior ~ Giant killing
  16. Resounding Illusory Sound of Military Boots
  17. Eccentrically Drunken Dance ~ This drunkard
  18. Prismic Drive
  19. Necromaster
  20. Waves and Wind That Sway the Spirits ~ not steady body
  21. The Daydream Engulfed by Thick Fog
  22. Fatal Brilliance ~ Toxic gem
  23. The Sprouting Stone Wall, the Moving Castle
  24. Meeting a Hero
  25. Overheat Down
  26. Abandoning 1000 Ryo, Eyes On 10,000 Ryo ~ MONEY GAME
  27. Opened Eye ~ Mono EYE
  28. The Utopia of Steel and Oil
  29. SILVER
  30. Haze Castle ~ Phantom ROAD
  31. Microcosm ~ Homunculus nightmare
  32. Room the History
  33. Super Haniwa ~ NEXT FORM
  34. Hands That Can't Reach the Moon ~ Moon Child
  35. The Crown of the Heavens ~ Brilliant Pagoda
  36. Arch Heaven ~ Spirit of nagara
  37. The Crown of Shadows ~ Haze Castle
  38. Ruler of the Deceased Moon
  39. Feathers Flying off the Beaten Path ~ Eleven-dimensional
  40. Another Mind
  41. Eternal Power ~ BIG STAR
  42. Mowed-Down Relationship
  43. One Hundred Lives and One Fate ~ Chimera soul
  44. Burst Overflow
  45. Burning of the Little Birds' Black Wings
  46. MO-NA-D-2 ~ Memory Forgery
  47. The Road That Must Be Walked
  48. Eternal Imitation Dance ~ Spell Collector
  49. The Road-Pounding Steel ~ Cyclops Tech
  50. Lost Jackpot
  51. Broken Eternal Dance Engine
  52. MO-NA-D-1 ~ Memory Pursuit
  53. Silence After the Festival
  54. Three Paths, Three Futures ~ Triple VISION

Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!

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