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Len'en 3 ~ Reactivate Majestical Imperial (OST)

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About This File

Artist: JynX

Year:  2014/03/19

Track Count: 20

Track List:

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  1. Flowers Atop Thin Ice ~ Snowy country
  2. Decayed Tranquility ~ Be motivated
  3. Cadaveromancer ~ Dream of an Empty Husk
  4. A Muffled Chill, a Subsiding Aura
  5. Get Ready... Go ~ To run around
  6. Falling Ghost
  7. In the Gloomy Straits, Steady as She Goes
  8. Each of Their Thoughts and Footprints
  9. Only in Beige, Only in Earnest
  10. Keep the History
  11. Double Keeper ~ White & Black Twin Birds
  12. Sacred Fireflies, Forgotten in Dreams
  13. Moon Child ~ Homunculus Dream
  14. After All
  15. A Name Cast off from Fate
  16. The Lost Road that Widens the Sky
  17. Present World Overhaul
  18. Those Dwelling in Unreality
  19. Walking a Road that Ends in Futility
  20. Castle of Mayflies ~ Phantom VISION

Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!

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