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Touhou IMW 3 ~ Riverbed Soul Saver (OST)

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About This File

Artist: Wanwan

Year:  2014-06-27

Track Count: 20

Track List:

  1. Beyond the Sealed Door
  2. Backwater Paradise
  3. Snowflakes Blooming in Profusion ~ Sakurachill Blossom
  4. Qliphoth Bridge
  5. Pretty Apricot
  6. Etheric Frosty Sea
  7. Soul Eater from the Abyss
  8. Through the Gates of the Silver Key
  9. The Princess who was Erased from History
  10. The Shangri-La Palace Floating in the Deep Sea
  11. World Yamataizer
  12. R'lyeh, the Capital of the Dead
  13. Fantasy Nation Daybreak ~ Prayer Player
  14. Deep-Sea Nebula ~ Nebula Stream
  15. Source of the Starry River, Dragon of the Grass-Mowing Sword
  16. Lost Capital of Lifeless Blasphemy
  17. Yin-Yang-Shi Serpent
  18. All that Remains of Warriors' Dreams
  19. Farewell to the Sea's Fathoms ~ Shiokaze Dream
  20. Player Score

Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!

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