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Touhou IMW 2 ~ Mystical Power Plant (OST)

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About This File

Artist: Wanwan & ido

Year:  2013-06-28

Track Count: 19

Track List:

  1. Forest of Moriya ~ Eastern Beanstalk
  2. Alleyway of Roaring Waves
  3. An Ever-Shifting Ancient Faith
  4. Spread Bullets Over the Sunset
  5. Do Squirrels Dream of Electric Mice
  6. The Call of the Nephilim
  7. Machinations Under the Moon ~ Angelic Night
  8. Turbulence Turbine
  9. Tenmu Meteor ~ Royal Monster
  10. Milky Broadway
  11. The 1110th Year's Legend of Tobiume
  12. Spirit Mausoleum of the Spirit of Language
  13. Sky-Filling Departed Spirit ~ Lightning Word
  14. Fantastic Light, Ancient Flowers ~ Infinity Lightning
  15. Diva's Device
  16. Life-Guiding Song ~ Prospect Mirai
  17. Doumeijuu Tenman-guu
  18. Ecology Daybreak ~ Grown Dream
  19. Player's Score

Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!

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