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Touhou ~ Heavenly Gathering of Clouds (OST)

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About This File

Artist: Various Artists

Release: 2014

Track Count: 18

Track List:

  1. Heaven's Tears are Flowing ~ Princess's wish
  2. Township of Flood
  3. Restive Horse on the Surface of the Water
  4. Today Brings Rainy Skies
  5. Wild Splice
  6. Youkai Inn on Mt. Ochidiri
  7. Skull Masquerade
  8. Dragon's Nest
  9. The Water Wanders Lower
  10. Loophole Dive into the Sky
  11. The Whirlwind of the Evil Seven Samurais
  12. Thus Spoke the Waterfowl
  13. Ancient Children's Song ~ Firefly
  14. Rumbling
  15. Romantic Tour ・ Dan-no-ura
  16. Sword of the Chrysanthemum Crest
  17. Return from the Town of the Waterfowl
  18. A Sea Dragon is Upcoming ~ Princess`s Smile


Thanks to Ken Hisuag for providing the file!

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