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Touhou Unreal Mahjong 3rd Generation

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Release Information
Type: Mahjong
Developer: D.N.A-Software
Publisher: D.N.A-Software
Release: Comiket 80, on August 13, 2011
Language: Japanese


Touhou Gensou Mahjong 3G (English: Eastern Unreal Mahjong 3rd Generation) is the continuation of the original and Revision 2.0 (C75 and C76 respectively). A standalone game featuring characters from the official series including Uwabami Breakers and Touhou Shinreibyou. The game has two modes: Story Mode where the player is against CPUs, and Online Versus Mode (requires CD Key and internet connection). The game will help beginners, because points can be obtained easily (even if the player loses against CPUs). Thus, the player will level up and unlock new features more often.

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