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Akyuu's Untouched Score (Volumes 1-5)  

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Release Information
Volume 1

Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: May 21, 2006
Reitaisai 3

Track List Part A


01. Gensokyo ~ Lotus Land Story
02. Witching Dream
03. Selene's Light
04. Decoration Battle
05. Break the Sabbath
06. Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme
07. Bad Apple!!
08. Spirit Battle ~ Perdition crisis
09. Alice Maestra
10. Maiden's Capriccio
11. Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star
12. Lotus Love
13. Sleeping Terror
14. Dream Land
15. Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream

Track List Part B

01. The Inevitably Forbidden Game
02. Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic
03. Cute Devil ~ Innocence
04. Days
05. Peaceful
06. Arcadian Dream
07. Those Who Live in Illusions
08. Lotus Road
09. Dreamy pilot
10. Incomplete Plot
11. Border Land
12. Magic Shop of Raspberry
13. Crescent Dream
14. Decoration Battle
15. Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream

Volume 2

Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: December 31, 2006
Comiket 71
Tracks: 23

Track List


01. Wondrous Romance ~ Mystic Square
02. Dream Express
03. Magic Formation ~ Magic Square
04. Dimension of Reverie
05. Spiritual Heaven
06. Romantic Children
07. Plastic Mind
08. Maple Wise
09. Forbidden Magic
10. Crimson Maiden ~ Crimson Dead!!
11. Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss
12. the Last Judgement 
13. Doll of Misery
14. World's End
15. Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being
16. Alice in Wonderland
17. the Grimoire of Alice
18. Shinto Shrine
19. Endless
20. Eternal Paradise
21. Mystic Dream
22. Soul's Resting Place
23. Peaceful Romancer

Volume 3

Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: December 31, 2006
Comiket 71
Tracks: 18

Track List


01. Record of the Sealing of an Oriental Demon ~ Pure Land Mandala
02. Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind
03. She's in a temper!!
04. End of Daylight
05. Power of Darkness
06. World of Empty Dreams
07. Bet on Death
08. Himorogi, Burn in Violet
09. Love-coloured Magic
10. Record of the Sealing of an Oriental Demon ~ A Phantom's Boisterous Dance
11. Complete Darkness
12. Extra Love
13. The Tank Girl's Dream
14. Forest of Tohno
15. Legendary Wonderland
16. Hakurei Shrine Grounds
17. Sunfall
18. Sealed Demon's Finale

Volume 4

Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: December 31, 2007
Comiket 73
Tracks: 24

Track List


01. A Dream Transcending Space-Time
02. Selection
03. Mystic Oriental Love Consultation
04. Reincarnation
05. Dimensional Dream
06. Tabula rasa ~ The Empty Girl
07. Maniacal Princess
08. Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream
09. Visionary Game ~ Dream War
10. Victory Demonstration
11. Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight it out!
12. Disunified Field Theory of Magic
13. Sailor of Time
14. Love of Magical Chimes
15. Strawberry Crisis!!
16. Dream of Eternity
17. Eastern Blue Sky
18. Eternal Full Moon
19. Maple Dream...
20. Game Over
21. Ghostly Person's Holiday
22. Winds of Time
23. Starbow Dream
24. Phantasmagoria

Volume 5

Publisher: ZUN
Date of Release: December 31, 2007
Comiket 73
Tracks: 15

Track List


01. A Sacred Lot
02. Eternal Shrine Maiden
03. The Positive and Negative
04. Highly Responsive to Prayers 
05. Strange Oriental Discourse
06. Angel's Legend
07. Oriental Magician
08. Blade of Banishment
09. Magic Mirror
10. the Legend of KAGE
11. Now, until the moment you die
12. Civilization of Magic
13. Angel of a Distant Star
14. Iris
15. Theme of Eastern Story


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4 hours ago, smellyplatypus said:

What are the untouched scores? I thought I saw that they were the PC-98 OSTs but those have their own spots in the official OSTs section.

After ZUN got the series going again with Touhou 6, he decided to go back and remaster the music from the first five games and release them as music albums. Ironically, the "untouched scores" are the touched-up versions. More often than not, the difference between Akyu's and the original tracks is insignificant, but there are a few cases where ZUN made more notable changes ("Reincarnation" is a noteworthy example). See also the four versions of "the Legend of KAGE" (original, MS, Akyu's, and SC-88Pro).

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Hello. I noticed that all the tracks seem to be having the next song come in early right at the end, making this weird distortion. I know this doesn't happen in the Spotify versions of these songs. Can this be fixed? Thanks. 

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