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Type: Card Game
Developer: 未完童話
Publisher: 未完童話
Release: Comiket 79, on December 30, 2010
Language: Japanese


Touhou Isouban is a board game developed by 未完童話, a doujin circle known for the Touhou Pocket Wars series, the game is notable for its aesthetic style, featuring beautiful artworks. In Touhou Isouban the player takes turns in moving around a board, the spaces of which are designated as different territories of Gensokyo. The objective of the game is to capture the opponent's stronghold. If the player lands on a space owned by another, they must pay a fee to that player, or else they can choose to challenge the owner in a card battle game for the ownership of that space. There are 24 playable characters and which characters will appear on the map will be different depending on the route chosen by player.

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On 3/6/2020 at 9:23 AM, mashiriko said:

my game have all square i cant read anything anyone can help me?


Change your locale to Japanese, atleast that's what I do if I play a Japanese game and it has weird symbols.
(Control Panel > Clock and Region > Change date, time, or number formats)

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