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Touhou Hou Enbu - Treasured Dance Performance

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Release Information
Type: 2D Shooting (others)
Developer: ドリル乳繰り
Publisher: ドリル乳繰り
Release: 2015
Language: Japanese, English


A rumour spread around that a certain mythical place exists where you can eat, drink and dance your heart out. It seems our ordinary magician, Kirisame Marisa had obtained this information from an unknown person and carefully told Reimu to avoid the Tengu from hearing about it so it wouldn't spread uncontrolled. Marisa claimed she had never seen the person around and she also looked quite foreign. Our girls didn't exactly knew what to do with the information, except laugh at it as it was some sort of tale a child would come up with. However, that 'tale' was soon to come alive. Touhou Hou Enbu is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by ドリル乳繰り and inspired by Uwabami Breakers. The game features three stages with two playable characters, each having distinct attack types and partners. Reimu covers a wide area of the screen and is supported by Yakumo Ran, while Marisa relies on her speed and is supported by Alice. Touhou Hou Enbu is supported by original music from Imperishable Nights, Uwabami Breakers and several doujin albums.

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